NHL Player Dies at the Young Age of 28.

I think, as a whole, people are afraid to die. That’s why, when someone does pass away, we need to commemorate them and remember that death can happen at any time, to any one. It does not matter if you have a lot of money, it does not matter if you live on the streets. It does not matter. Derek Boogaard (NHL player for the NY Rangers) was found dead yesterday at his Minneapolis apartment at just 28 years old young. The cause of death is not known, although Boogaard missed all of last season with a concussion. No foul play is suspected in the case. Some argue that Boogaard’s tough guy mentality contributed to his death. We should all mourn for this young man, as he died WAY too young. RIP Derek Boogaard.

RIP Derek Boogaard

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  1. NICE….. well said, he was a person who was at the top of his game and life and was cut short. It was and is a terrible thing (death) but it is a fact for all,,, (yes even you) so make sure to call,or write or even stop to thank the ones you love. Because IT comes fast, and we are diein younger and younger for many reasons.

  2. footballnutz17

    Of course bro, THAT was very well said.. I’ll be sure to stop to thank ’em later today.

    Thanks for reading the blog/post by the way! If you have a blog, I’d love to see it via URL.

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