The First Game 7 in 2011 NBA Playoffs

In my very first post on this blog, I talked a bit about the drama and excitement of Game 7’s. If you only watch one game in an entire playoff series, it has to be a Game 7. Game 7’s are even better in the championship series, because they force the title to come down to one final deciding game.  This year, there’s only been one Game 7 in the NBA Playoffs. That Game 7 was played today, pitting the 8th seed Memphis Grizzlies against the 4th seed Oklahoma City Thunder. The Grizzlies, led by Zack Randolph, defeated the San

Kevin Durant

Antonio Spurs in the 1st Round 4-2. By doing so, they made people realize that the Grizzlies can compete against the best teams in the league. The Thunder, led by the two-time NBA scoring champ Kevin Durant, defeated the new-look Denver Nuggets during the 1st Round in 5 games. During Game 6 of this series, Durant was hit by a cold spell, only 1-9 from 3pt range and only scoring 11 points. He said that he “lost sleep while visions of cold shooting danced in his head after the Thunder failed to eliminate the Grizzlies in Game 6” (Courtesy It looks like Durant’s nightmares motivated him to shoot 13-25 from the field, hit 4 out of 9 3’s, shoot 9-9 from the charity stripe, and score 39 points overall as the Thunder prevailed over the Grizzlies 105-90. Zack Randolph scored 178 points, whitch was obiously not enough to put the Grizzlies on top. Now, its the Thunder vs. the Mavericks in the Conference Finals. Who will win? I just hope the series will be as good as the Grizzlies/Thunder series. Who knows, maybe we might get lucky and see a Game 7.

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