Former College Hoops Baller Comes Out of the Closet

These days, there are many athletes that are openly gay. However, the majority of these athletes play on the high school and college levels. So, if they are gay, it’s not a big deal to most of us, because most sports fanatics watch professional sports. However, high school and college gay athletes can make a big deal to a lot of people on a more personal level. This

The Former Villanovan Announced His Homosexuality Monday

is a result of the intimacy and the closeness of all the families of the children. If you ”came out” on a high school team, your school would be more affected than the nation as a whole. However, if you ”came out” on a pro team, the city would be taken-aback by your sexual orientation. Will Sheridan, former Villanova basketball player,”came out of the closet” earlier today. You may remember Sheridan because of his 58.6 field goal percentage in ’03-’04. He wasn’t the most spectacular player on the court, but he got the job done and he was a good teammate to his fellow Villanovans. “Coming out” has been the final hurdle for pro sports athletes to climb for at least 20 years. “I’m proud of who I am,” Sheridan said today (Courtesy The shocking news came just a day after Phoenix Suns President Rick Welts announced that he too is gay. What do you think of this announcement?

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  1. Welts yesterday, this today. More to come no doubt. Floodgates opening? We can hope!

  2. footballnutz17

    wow man… u liked in AND put it on twitter?? Man, i really appreaciate tha…thank you so much

    Words cannot describe my feelings now

    To show my appreciation, im gonna put your blog in my blogroll.

  3. footballnutz17

    oh yea of course the flood gates are opening with this…. by next year im sure we will see more and more of them pop up.

  4. Interesting, I think it would be tough to be gay playing sports, but it’s commendable that they did come out of the closet…

  5. Thanks! Indy bloggers should support each other. Win-Win and All…

  6. footballnutz17

    Chappy: Your absolutely right, it is commendable that they did come of of the closet.. I would imagine that there’s a lot of pressure on them. They must feel like sh*t when their keeping their “deep dark secret” in.

    Gayhighway: Yup definitely, bloggers absolutely gotta support each other.

    What would you guys like for a future post?
    Any particular sport? topic? I can write about anything you guys want

  7. footballnutz17

    Thanks for the advice @chappy, I was just curious If u or @gayhighway wanted a specific post on a sport/team/issue. Thanks a bunch, I’ll be sure to write what I think is interesting!

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