NFL Lockout Not Over; Not Even Close

The NFL lockout has been an ongoing problem since the 12th of March, 2011. To be honest, fans don’t give a sh*t how much money the players/owners are making. They just wanna watch some football on Sundays. I mean, seriously, what would Sundays be like without football? In one word: boring. Instead of watching the big game with my buddies, I have to do chores around the house and find ways to waste time. Sundays wouldn’t be THAT BAD, but football just makes my day so much better, especially on Mondays, because Mondays such, and football is the only thing that gets me through the day when school starts up in the fall. The 8th U.S Circuit Court of Appeals ruled “that the lockout can remain intact until a full appeal is heard on whether it is legal” (Courtesy This ruling was announced about 2 hours ago, at 8:30 pm (eastern time). The irony of this is, the decision fell on the same day that the NFL owners and players resumed mediation for eight hours. It was the first meeting of the players/owners since the 20th of April. I’m so sick of these greedy, arrogant owners who want to take football away from us. We are the loyal fans that keep their business going, and I think we should have a say in these legal issues. Are we gonna have football next year?

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  1. I’m rooting for a lockout. I want them to miss games. It will in turn lose them fans, and we are the ones that make it a $9B business. Without us, they will lose money, so lockout idiots, miss games, and see if your fans stay loyal to your greedy asses.

  2. footballnutz17

    Oh I see what your saying chappy.. Thats not a bad idea at all sir..

    In that case, I guess a lockout wouldn’t be too bad..

    By the way, thanks a ton for checking out the blog. I really appreciate it chappy

    • Yeah man, looks like you’re putting up a lot of stuff! We seem to go off and on with the amount of posts we do. Hopefully you can stick with it. It’s tough to find the time!

      I’ll put you on our blogroll so I remember to come back 🙂

  3. footballnutz17

    Thanks man, aprecciate it a lot.

    Dont worry, your good deed will not be forgotten… I’ll be sure to add you to my blogroll as well..

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