NBA Western Conference Finals: Game 2

In Game 1 of the Conference Finals, Dirk Nowitzki had an amazing game with 48 points on just 15 shot attempt. Obviously, nobody expects him to repeat that performance

Harden Dropped 23 Leading to a Thunder Win Thursday

anytime soon. Only His Airness can do that. Game 2 was played in Dallas last night. James Harden had a big night off the bench with 23 points, and all Kevin Durant needed was 24 points. It’s much better if your superstar can kick back a bit and not have to worry about scoring 35 points, because his “supporting cast” scored lots of points. D-Rose had an off night; he couldn’t finish at the rim. He always finds a way to finish, but he was off in this game. And it seemed like the Mavs defensive intensity decreased in this game. They weren’t as aggressive as they normally are, and they weren’t getting the blocks and steals. Most people expected the Mavs to be much better in Game 2. However, they were sloppy and their shots weren’t falling. All this led to a 106-100 victory for the Thunder. Game 3 is scheduled for Saturday night at the Oklahoma City Arena.

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  1. OKC is the weirdest looking team in NBA history. Durant looks like Gumby’s stunt double, Westbrook looks like he does Botox recreationally and Harden could have easily fit in during the Russian Revolution.

    • footballnutz17

      Haha keith, your definitely right.. they’re a little weird looking, but i like the way they play… They are pretty fun to watch

  2. I was surprised how little defense was played on both sides. If Dallas can’t win one of the next two at OKC, I don’t see how they can win the series. It’s been entertaining so far, hopefully that continues!

    • footballnutz17

      Yea it was a little weird how there was no d. I think the rest of the series is gonna be really exciting and entertaining.

  3. Clint Keaton

    I completely agree with chappy, Dallas absolutely needs to win one of the next two games in OKC, and the same goes for Chicago in Miami, would be tough to win a series down 3-1. And Keith, me and my boys like to call James Harden 300, because he looks like the black Leonidas, heh

    • footballnutz17

      Sorry Clint, my comments a little late…Dallas is leading 2-1 right now, so they did win 1 in OKC. I’d love if the Mavs win Game 4, then OKC wins the next 2 to force a Game 7. Now THAT would be a real fun 4 games to watch. Harden does resemble a black Leonidas….lol.

      I’m pumped up for today’s Chicago/Miami game, are you guys pumped?

  4. Clint Keaton

    Yes, I’m pumped man, I’m more emotionally invested in this Mia-Chi series than the OKC_Dal, bc I want Mia to win, to shut up all the haters, heh, plus I don’t particularly care for Boozer n Noah

    • footballnutz17

      ahhh i see what your saying man, although i am a hater of the Heat…..I like boozer and Noah…

      Haha conflicting opinions..gotta love ’em. But good luck either way man

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