NBA Western Conference Finals Game 3 Preview

Many sports fans have played the EA Sports Madden NFL series before. Since 1988, kids and grownups alike have immersed themselves in the video game, controlling virtual players as they march up and down the football field to score touchdowns (less commonly, field goals).

The franchise has solidified itself as one of the most influential video game series ever created, consistently driving innovation year after year. When most NFL fans think of football, one of the things that pops up in their head is “Madden”. The single most important attribute in the game is the speed rating. This rating represents how fast the player can run at top speed. Speed kills in Madden. The same goes for the NBA Conference Finals against the Mavs and the Thunder. Speed kills.

The Mavs are an old team, thus lacking the speed needed to keep up with the pace of the game. In contrast, the Thunder are very young, and they can run up and down the floor with no problem. This creates easy transition baskets, being able to get back on defense, and speed when driving to the hoop. The main reason why the Thunder won Game 2 is: speed. Instead of taking difficult jumpers, they were able to go around the Mavs players and pick up the hard (plus an occasional and-one).

The Mavs weren’t really ready to face a fast-paced team such as the Thunder, because the other teams they faced this post-season (Portland and L.A) are much bigger teams then the Thunder. This means that they got the hang of playing the big, slow teams, so when they faced the young Thunder team, they were not prepared properly. I think the Mavs will be able to fix their problems come tonight. However, if the Thunder keep playing like they did in Game 1, they will be a very hard team to stop, especially if Durant only needs to score 24 points to secure a victory for his team. Drop a comment and tell me who you think will win tonight’s game.

Hopefully the Mavs can Fix Their Problems in Game 3 Before Things Get Ugly

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  1. great job steve, but i will say that u forgot a word at the end of the second paragraph (recent article). btw i voted on ur poll!!

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