Chicago Bulls/Miami Heat Game 3 Preview

In Game 1 of this series, we saw the Chicago Bulls out-rebound the Miami Heat 45-33. That’s a pretty good margin (net +12). However, in Game 2, the Bulls couldn’t find a way to grab rebounds, losing the battle on the boards 45-41 to the Heat. That really baffles me because the Bulls are a better rebounding team then the Heat. They shouldn’t let the Heat get 45 rebounds. This is one reason why they lost Game 2.

Another reason why the Bulls lost game 2: their offense went stagnant. In Game 1, they scored 103 points on 25 assists, but in Game 2 they only scored 75 points on 15 assists. That a 28 point drop! How the hell could you go from 103 one game to 75 in the next? I’ll tell you: being conservative. Instead of driving to the basket and picking up fouls (what they did in Game 1), they settled for difficult jumpshots. We all know the Bulls aren’t exactly the best jump shooting team. They get most of their points off layups and occasional jumpshots. Being aggressive is how this team will win Game 3.

I also saw some poor play from the MVP Derrick Rose. We are so used to seeing him finish layups at the rim, picking up and-ones, and hitting his jumpshots. We didn’t see any of that in Game 2. He only scored 21 points, not a bad total, but he shot 7-23 from the floor and 0-3 from downtown. I’m not saying he should be scoring 35, but he could’ve scored more from all his missed layups.

So far, I’ve only talked about the Bulls problems, and what they need to do in order to win Game 3. Let’s talk about the Heat now. Game 1 was their real bad game (they lost Game 1). In that game, they weren’t able to drive to the basket or pass the ball efficiently. This resulted (just like the Bulls in Game 2) in them taking jumpers for most of the game. In addition, they didn’t rebound well, which led them to have fewer possessions than the Bulls. The Big Three for Miami also need to learn how to share the ball. This will make it much harder for the Bulls to defend them if they pass the ball back and forth, wearing out the defense. I know this game will be exciting, especially since both teams are tied at 1 win apiece. Drop a comment and tell me who you think will win Game 3 (and the rest of the series too).

MVP D-Rose and the Bulls Look to Rebound Against the Heat Tonight

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