Heat Take 2-1 Series Lead Over the Bulls

In Game 2, we saw that the Bulls could not finish at the rim or drive to the basket at all, forcing them to take jumpers. I guess they realized they needed to be more aggressive, because they did a much better job picking up fouls in Game 3.

Bosh Scored 34 In the Heat's Game 3 Victory Over the Bulls

However, whenever they did take jumpers, they missed most of them, which really hindered their ability to produce on the offensive side of the ball. In addition, I saw a much more aggressive offense in the Miami Heat then in the Chicago Bulls. The Heat shot 25-29 from the charity stripe (86.2%), while the Bulls shot 16-21 (76.2%). This really helped them close out at the end of the game. There was one surprise for

the Bulls in this game: Carlos Boozer shot 8-19, scored 26 points and grabbed 17 rebounds. The MVP Derrick Rose scored 20, and had an off night just like in Game 2. in order for the Bulls to win the series, they need Rose to hit his shots, get to the line, and make great passes. In addition, nobody on the Bulls can create their own shot except for Rose. So, by driving to the basket and making his layups, he is planting a seed in the defenses mind that says, “We need to cover Rose more when he drives to the hoop.” This will cause the Heat to crash to the inside, creating open 3-point opportunities for Deng and open jump shots for

Rose Needs to Play Better if the Bulls Hope to Win the Series

everyone else. However, the huge surprise was Chris Bosh, who shot 13-18 and scored a team-high 34 points. I’m sure nobody was expecting this out of Bosh. Maybe out of LeBron or Wade, but definitely not Bosh.  After Bosh missed his first 3 shots, he exploded and hit 8 in a row. Right after his 3rd miss, Taj Gibson was taunting him, trying to get in Bosh’s head and intimidate him. Obviously, Bosh used that to “fuel his fire” and score 16 straight points.The sad part is, the Bulls out-rebounded the Heat 41-32, and they still lost….That’s a +9 margin. I don’t think they should be losing when they have the rebound advantage. Final score: Heat over the Bulls 96-85. Game 4 is scheduled for Tuesday in Miami.

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