Must Win Game for Bulls Tonight; Down to Heat 2-1

I hate to say this but: the Heat are living up the hype. Remember when they were prancing on that stage in July as if they won 3 championships (before the season even started)? Well, their pretty damn close, already up 2-1 in the NBA Conference Finals. That means only 6 more wins and they get their first championship in the LeBron/Wade/Bosh era. How sickening… I never thought they’d get this far. Remember when LeBron took an hour to “take his talents to South Beach”? Well, he certainly did, averaging 26.7 points this season. At least Bosh had the decency to just GO to Miami instead of announcing it like it’s the biggest thing since sliced bread.

However, with all that star power on that team, should we really be surprised? Miami’s Big Three combine for like 70 PPG for the Heat. That is a lot of points from just 3 players on your team; you still have the other 2 starters and a couple bench players. On paper, no team would be able to even compete against the Heat, not even the Chicago Bulls. Nonetheless, the game of basketball is not played on a piece of paper; it is played on a basketball court. This is why the Heat did not win every game during the regular season, although they had the best players on paper. I was also very surprised when the Heat knocked the Celtics out of the playoffs in the 2nd round. They are turning out much better than I thought they would.

Tonight’s game is a must-win for the Bulls because they need to tie up the series. If they do not, they will fall in a 3-1 ditch going into a game 5. Not a good situation at all. I’m not sure they’ll be able to win 3 in a row against this Heat team; they have too much offense for that to happen. I will certainly be watching how the Big 3, Derrick Rose, and the Bulls bench contribute to their teams. The game starts at 8:30 pm ET.


LeBron/Wade/Bosh have Turned Things Around for the Miami Heat, Leading them to the NBA Conference Finals

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