NBA Finals Game 3 Preview

We all know the story. It’s Dirk NoRingski and his veteran Mavericks pitted against the larger-than-life Heat. On paper, this series should be a 4-game sweep by the Heat. The combo of Baby Bron Bron, Wittle Wade, and the biggest crybaby in the league (Bosh) should be way too much for the Mavs to handle. Add in the fact that they’re a much more energetic team then the Mavs, and you have David v. Goliath.

Who won David v. Goliath? David.

Who represents David in the NBA Finals? Mavs.

David and Goliath


However, I understand that you might not be Christian/ believe what I believe. That’s ok; I don’t expect you to…

Getting back to the Finals: it’s tied at 1-1. The Heat took Game 1, capped off by LeBron and Wade in the 4th. They looked unstoppable; dominant. The Heat were able to drive right past their respective Mavs defenders, as a result getting to the rim. The Mavs picked up on this as the game progressed. To combat it, they dropped back a bit (so they didn’t give up any easy layups). However, the Mavs forgot that the Heat can shoot jumpers if they’re open. Although they’re mostly athletic, the Heat are also a good jump-shooting.

Game 2 was a pretty much the same until the start of the 4th. As soon as the 4th quarter started, the Mavs showed some fight. They went on a 22-5 run, took the lead late in the game, and won 95-93. It was crazy. Simply a beautiful comeback.

What will happen in Game 3? Only time will tell.

I’m pumped. What’s your take on this series?

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  1. one of the greatest NBA Finals game’s ever I feel, In a long list, please understand. I feel this is the type of thing that happens that could cost the Heat the series. The Mvas now have HUGE life, cant wait.
    the NBA right now has a great product, I sure hope there is no lock out.
    I would love to see Dirk and Kidd get rings!

    • footballnutz17

      Yup, a lockout would really stink…

      I don’t wanna see heat win..bandwagon fans piss me off

      Great finals totally 🙂

  2. Bosh the biggest crybaby in the league?! Please. Come on man, we all know that’s Pau Gasol…

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