Plaxico Burress Finally out of Jail after 20 Months

“Dont Drop the Soap”-Anonymous

One minute, he was celebrating a last-minute TD in the Super Bowl; the next, he was put into prison. I think you know who I’m talking about (obvious in the title, huh). Plaxico Burress was released from prison today on June 6th, 2011 after serving a sentence for illegal possession of a gun in a public place. Sounds stupid right? I thought the 2nd amendment to the Constitution allows us to bear arms…Hmm maybe I didn’t have my reading glasses on..

It seems that nobody remembers his 2007 Super Bowl game-winning reception to break the Patriots undefeated season. I understand that other plays contributed to that win (Tyree), but we should still remember him as a pretty good possession receiver that could run deep once or twice a game too. Here’s the vid:

Tell me that wasn’t awesome!

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  1. How’d you get the row of topics and contact etc under your header?

    • footballnutz17

      ummmm what i did was made a menu called Main Menu

      Then added all the categories/ pages (about us, contact) into it

      thats it

      • Looks great, do you mind if I steal it hahahaha. Oh and on topic. Have you heard if there is any interest in him. I heard he was out but that is it so far.

      • footballnutz17

        sure dude its all good man…glad u like it

        Yea no intrest so far…he was awesome..thanks for looking at the post man

  2. Perfect fit for my Bengals.

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