Roland Garros Finals 2011

Tennis fans were crazy to see the Roland Garros this year as five time defending champion Rafael Nadal was to play tennis legend Roger Federer. The Roland Garros which is played on clay courts takes place every year in Paris, France. The clay courts have a specific advantage to those who know how to take advantage of them. The clay courts are very advantageous for players who hit with a lot of spin. Rafael Nadal known to be a pro who loves to utilize spin also loves demolishing his opponents on the clay courts of the Roland Garros. Unlike the courts at the US open, the clay courts allow a player to move a lot more easily due to the clay that is not very solid. This also allows for a tennis ball to have increased

Nadal defeated Federer on June 5th, 2011 to win his 6th Roland Garros Championship

spin when in contact with the court because the court helps to carry the ball where the player wants. Rafael Nadal is a master at this technique and is able to accurately pick out where he wants to hit the ball. Long loved tennis legend Federer on the other hand also played a great game. Federer’s weak spot was his style of hitting not only his serves but the overall perspective of how he approached and hit the ball. Federer has a style in which he incorporates everything but he loves to use speed and accuracy. Federer isn’t a big lover of spin but he hits a lot of flat shots which are accurate. This was hurtful to him in the Roland Garros especially for the fact that the court also adds its own spin to the ball upon contact. Even though Federer played a great game, he was unable to hit monster shots with lots of spin like Nadal. Arguably Federer’s overall playing method is better than Nadal’s because he incorporates everything into his style but Nadal’s ability to master spin shots has gave him an upper hand in tennis due to the reason that many pros hate returning spins, especially when its a lefty hitting them. The overall of the Nadal vs. Federer was 7-5 7-6(3) 5-7 6-1 respectively. The winner of this intense match was clay court Champion Rafael Nadal.

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  1. I wonder if Rodger’s legacy is tarnished at all because he has so much trouble beating Rafa? Yeah, he has more majors than Sampras, but Nadal has been his only real rival during that time and he doesn’t beat him much…

    • footballnutz17

      yea I hear ya

      If you have a twitter you can talk to my friend that wrote this post (t3nnizguru) b/c he knows much more about tennis than me.

      His username is @t3nnizguru

      • Yeah, I honestly don’t watch much tennis. I pretty much watch the quarterfinals through the finals of every other major, and that’s about it. I really like Djokovic (sp?) though!

        I’m not really on twitter, I feel like there’s way too much crap on there that I don’t care to read before I actually find something worth reading!

      • footballnutz17

        Nice spelling on Djokovic, I believe that is correct lol

        Yea I hear ya man me don’t watch much myself

        Twitter can be annoying sometimes but it can be a good way to promote the blog and find new the convos we have on there are cool

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