NBA Finals Neck-and-Neck at 2-2

This has been a crazy basketball season so far. The LA Lakers getting swept by the Mavericks in the Playoffs. The Heat knocking off the Celtics in 6 games. And who can forget about Carmelo Anthony being shipped to NY? I certainly can; he didn’t do anything to help the franchise (so far). As soon as he came over, everyone was like, “We gonna go all the way this year with Stouda and ‘Melo.” Yea, like that’s gonna happen anytime soon. Anthony’s definitely a little overrated. Sure, it’s New York, everyone who lives here expects a championship just about every year. Not just in basketball, in all sports (Yankees, Giants/Jets). So, I think Carmelo disappointing the most arrogant fans on the planet; not that bad right? Seriously, the Knicks were playing MUCH better team ball before Melo came to town.  Ball Hog much?

Anyhow, the Mavericks and the Heat are tied at 2-2 in the Finals. It’s gone back and forth every game this series. In the games that the Heat won, they were able to pass the ball efficiently, drive to the rim, and pick up rebounds at will. In contrast, the Mavs won by rallying behind Dirk, because he can stay on very long hot streaks where he hits 10 shots in a row. The constant flopping of the players shows that its been a very physical series, especially for rebounds. If the pattern continues, the Heat will win Game 5. In addition, that means the Heat will also win 4 games before the Mavs, therefore winning the championship. Looks like Jason Terry’s tattoo was a jinx!

Looks like the Tattoo Didn't help the Mavs in the Finals....

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  1. I think the winner of tonight wins the series! Should be interesting to see if Lebron puts up a good game…

    • footballnutz17

      I think so too (that the winner of 2nite wins the series)

      Hope LeBun gets injured lol.. Who r u rooting for?

  2. Dallas all the way! I have a soft spot for Kidd since he’s from Oakland. I also like Dirk. I’m with Barkley on the Heat, they are a whiny team!

    • footballnutz17

      Yup agree w/ u on everything u said. Dirk is a monster, easily a HOF esp. if he can get a ring..

      I’m gonna me mad if its a 7 games series b/c its deff possible the Heat can win a Game 7.

  3. Yeah it feels like when the Celtics played the Lakers in the Finals last year. I said back then if Boston doesn’t win game 6 then the Lakers will win in 7. I think that might be the same scenario here, the Mavs kinda need to win game 6 since they have all the momentum.

    • footballnutz17

      Yea my basketball buddies that I play with after school said the same thing, all about momentum..

      I’m so ready for this game, gonna be upset thought if mavs lose

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