Terrelle Pryor Leaves OSU for the NFL

You heard me. That wasn’t a typo. On June 7th, 2011, Ohio State University star QB Terrelle Pryor announced his decision to enter the supplemental draft, thus forgoing his senior year.

It all started on December 26th of last year, when it was announced that Terrelle Pryor, 4 other players, and coach Jim Tressel were sanctioned by the NCAA. The sanction was brought about because the players sold their equipment and championship rings for a profit. This goes against NCAA rules. Coach Tress was sanctioned because he didn’t tell the NCAA about this, even thought he knew the whole time. If he told, his players would’ve called him a snitch; nobody wants that. That was definitely the reason he didn’t tell. In addition, Tress would’ve gotten in trouble too for letting this happen and he probably thought he’d get away with it.

Of course, everyone’s heard of Tress’ resignation right? Man, OSU has some big problems. At least they ain’t no USC (lol).

At least they Still have their Cheerleaders...

Now, Pryor says he refuses to play in the CFL. Well, he kinda only said he isn’t “interested”, but we all know what that means…..
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  1. He’ll be happy to make the ufl

    • footballnutz17

      Yea dude he’s a great talent..so sad that one mistake can cost you your career PLUS he don’t got no degree, so if he doesn’t make minimune $50,000 he is screwed

      Feel bad for em..

      Thanks for checking out the blog man really love the support from all you guys, I will check yours out in a bit

  2. Hope he comes to Canada. He would fit well in our game.

    • footballnutz17

      Dude I have no knowledge of Canadian football, sorry, can you enlighten me (and my viewers) by telling us how he’d fit well?

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