The Mavericks Win the 2011 NBA Championship

In a way, this series was like a fairy tale. Dirk Nowitzki was trying to get the first title of his career, while the Heat’s Big 3 were trying to prove to everyone that they are the best in the league. The Heat were the bad guys in this one, mainly because of the trio of LBJ, Wade, and Bosh. Remember when you were tryin to play basketball with your friends and one of the captains had a stacked team and the other team sucked? That’s the Heat right there. Outside of Miami, nobody liked the Heat. INSIDE Miami, there were a lot of bandwagon “fans” that only rooted for the Heat to watch the trio. The Heat were the favorites in this series (based on Las Vegas odds). However, it’s obviously impossible to predict the winner

The Mavs did it; they are you 2011 NBA Champions

of a series; if there were, nobody would watch it because everyone would know the outcome before the series started. In this series, the Mavs were looking for revenge on the Heat with that memory of ’06 still lurking in their minds. In addition, Dirk was looking to take the attention from the Heat trio and put it on himself and the Dallas Mavericks. He felt that the Mavs deserved all the attention because it’s been all Heat all season. No other team has gotten more heat from the media, more attention, or more scrutiny this season. The Almighty Dirk did not fare well in this game, but his TEAM was able to contribute (accent on team, because the Heat don’t play like one). Dirk scored 3 points through the first half, and I believe he finished with 12 points. The JET (Jason Eugene Terry) scored 27 points, hit all the big shots, and backed up his talk that LBJ couldn’t cover him. This definitely got into LeBron’s head, because he wasn’t on top of his game today (in the Most IMPORTANT GAME of his CAREER, no less!). After the game, the analysts talked about the reasons why the Heat lost. They concluded that the main reason is: 10 players beat 3. Everyone contributed on the Mavs, even if it was 2, 4,6 points or a couple rebounds or playin great D. The Heat? Well, the Trio did most of the work..And when you rely on 3 players to beat 10 what happens? You don’t win a championship, that’s for sure. I heard that 10 v 3 comment not only from the analysts but also from my friend patton26 at The Mavs won Game 6, winning the NBA Finals 4-2 in the process. Better luck next time Heat!
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  1. Great read and all good points. The better team won this series and I’m not surprised at all. I had Dallas in 7 because I thought Miami would go all out in game 6 and they didn’t. Congrats to the Mavs

    • footballnutz17

      Yea I honestly thought Miami would take it to Game 7….didnt happen…

      Mavs were definitely the better TEAM….3 v 10 is hard to win you know…hopefully Spoelstra comes out and says that, otherwise the Heat wont be winnin anytime soon…

  2. Mark Cuban now owns Dallas, which will not sit very well with the man with the big ego: Jerry Jones.

    • footballnutz17

      True..cuban has a big ego too, however definitely not as big as Jones…

      Jones is gonna want more money now from the Lockout to make the Cowboys better so he can take back Dallas lol..

  3. footballnutz17

    Oh and guys did you check out the link i put up there ^^^?? he’s a friend of mine 🙂 Great sports blogger check him out!

  4. Im so happy that Dirk and Company won title. he NBA is a better place because of it, lol
    Its one thing if fans dont like LeBron, but i have a feeling more and more of his peers are starting to dislike him.

    • footballnutz17

      Yea, if LeChoke won the NBA would be in disarray…the Heat would be hated even more than they are now..I dont see how that is possible

      I sincerely hope that LeBron is NEVER AGAIN considered EVEN CLOSE to Air Jordan…

  5. Best quote I’ve seen

    Lebron James has done something no one else has been able to do for 70 years, make us cheer for the Germans

    • footballnutz17

      LOL dude, really nice quote…He’s that much of a bad guy that we need to cheer for the Germans..

      Never really thought of it that way, thanks for sharing that…

      Off Topic: Right now I’m watching America’s Got Talent, Piers Morgan is such a Scrooge, he doesn’t like any of the auditions…

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