Derek Jeter and His Selfishness

Derek Jeter has become one of the most respected athletes in the world of pro sports. He’s always conducted himself in a respectful manner, never cheated on his wife (A-Rod), and the most important: he never took steroids. Or did he? Nah, just joking; he’s definitely never taken PED’s. That’s the main reason why he’s so respected not only around the league, but in the USA as a whole. If you ask a neighbor, family member, or friend that doesn’t watch baseball, he/she will still know who Derek Jeter is, and they will respect him as well. A-Rod was always a scumbag; he was always doing something wrong whether it was cheating on his wife, taking PED’s, or having a bad attitude towards the media (LeChoke James). On the other hand, Jeter never did any of those things. 90% of the baseball world views him as one of the classiest guys in the league; the other 10% are Red Sox fans. I’m a big Mets fan, however I still have respect for Jeter, even if the Yanks always have a better record than us, even if Jeter gets 10 hits in a game, I will still respect him because he’s been one of the best pure hitters in the league without the use of PED’s.

Jeter's always been fun to watch, no doubt about that.

Although we all respect Jeter, we have to realize the truth: at this point in his career, Jeter is being selfish. As you may already know, Jeter is 6 hits away from joining the 3,000 hit club. This milestone would easily launch his career into the HOF, no question. Hell, if he retired right now, he’d still be in the Hall. Yesterday, Jeter injured his calf yesterday on his 2,994th career hit. He was so giddy and excited to get to 3,000 that he would give 200% effort if he had to, just to get to 3,000. As a result of this effort (plus his old-age of 36), Jeter sustained an injury. You may see this differently, but I see it like this: Jeter pushed himself, knowing that he might get injured, NOT thinking about the consequences it would have on his team…He was thinking about himself more than his team (LeChoke James) is what I’m getting at. I don’t like that; I find it selfish and obnoxious. What’s your take on Jeter? Comment in the box below this post.
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  1. Now that I don’t agree with. He plays hard and plays for his team. I don’t think he was being selfish. Besides, what other option do the Yankees have at this point to replace him?

    • footballnutz17

      That is what I am saying; the Yanks dont have anybody as good as him at short (obv, he’s a great player)

      Well I will give u that… he ALWAYS plays hard, runs hard, fights for his team to win..that is why I respect him

      You dont think at this stage in his career right now he’s going for the 6 hits more than for 2 or 3 W’s?

    • footballnutz17

      I think most guys would,,,well I guess ur right b/c he’s not like most ball players.. Just saying how ironic it is, he never gets injured, now with 6 hits left to go he pushes himself too hard and injures himself…

  2. Nice piece and maybe this is the Jeter fan or Yanks fan talking but I have to disagree. His team is in contention in the AL not a cellar dwellar. I have no issue with him goin all out the rest of the team should be doing the same

    • footballnutz17

      Yea they should go hard…I like his effort, it just seemed to me like it was unnecesary…

      Wow I’m really batting 1.000 with you guys today….

  3. I don’t know that he was being selfish, injuries happen, especially as you get older. I’m sure he wants that 3,000 mark,but as he nears the mark, you just keep playing, doing what you’ve always done, hitting the ball. Not sure I can fault a guy for playing hard.

    • footballnutz17

      What I really mean is: Jeter has never been the guy to hype his personal stats (LeChoke James)…Now as he nears that 3,000 he might be trying a bit too hard to get it…you know what I’m saying?

      Hey, a hit is a hit, but his mentality right now MIGHT be getting 6 more hits over 2 more wins…the Yanks are already good now, all he needs is 6 to put him with the all time greats..

  4. He’s not being selfish at all. When Cal Ripken was playing during his consecutive game streak which was every inning and everyday, he played with bruises, bad feet, ankles, you name it, he played, and never complained about it. And it would be great for Jeter to finish his career for the Yankees, as there are not to many players in what ever sport that are loyal to their team and their fans.

    • footballnutz17

      You think Jeter would be able to play through an injury such as a torn calf muscle? He might be able to, obviously he is very durable..

      He’s not going to another team; that’s for sure…He is very loyal to his fans,and everyone would hate him if went to another team..I dont think Jeter wants to play through this injury, I think he’d rather sit out a couple games and let it heal..

      My title is wrong I guess, what I mean is that jeter’s mentality may have changed over the past few days because he knows he needs less than 10 hits to break 3,000..

      I see where all you guys are going with this…ok here is the truth: Personally, I dont think he’s a bad guy…I just think he might be thinking a bit more ME and a bit less TEAM, because lets face it, one or 2 games isn’t gonna matter to jeter, but those 6 hits? They sure will..

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