The Courting of Jose Reyes

Remember “The Decision” that was made last summer? You know what I’m talking about right? LeBron James choosing the team that he’d eventually play for in 2011. This decision was made into one of the biggest, if not the biggest, media event of the summer. Just thinking about it again makes me sick to my stomach…Glad the Heat lost in the Finals, they didn’t deserve a championship. As usual, I’m going a little off topic here and I’m letting my mind drift a little too far away from the main issue at hand: The Courting of Jose Reyes.

Reyes is a great player who will evaluate all his options before signing a contract.

If you’re a Mets fan, your probably pissed at the fact that even though Jose wants to stay, the Wilpons don’t have the money to pay him for another contract..As a result, he’ll most likely not be able to return next year, and what will need to happen is either a trade or a free-agency signing. That is where the courting comes in. If he chooses free agency, Jose will jump around from franchise to franchise, seeing where he can get the best bang for his buck. Now, I’m not saying he will pull a LeBron James (nobody ever will), but he will certainly make it a priority to find a good team at a good price; at a price better than what the Mets would pay him. In addition, the Mets aren’t gonna be a title contender anytime soon, so that is another reason why Jose may rather go to another team. I’m a big Mets fan, so I’m just telling it like it is….

Injuries have plagued Jose his whole career. However, this year he’s been remarkably durable and has shown us that his legs are still good for 20 to 25 SB’s a year. I find it ironic that in his contract year, Jose has been able to stay injury-free AND have a great season. Who’s to say that this performance we’re seeing this year is just a one-hit-wonder for Jose? Hey, he might be this good 5 years from now, but we can’t be sure because he hasn’t had any other seasons where he’s played this good while being free of injuries.

I’ll be surprised if he takes a pay cut OR if he makes it a big media event like LeChoke James did..His reputation would drop as fast as Michael Vick’s…He obviously doesn’t want that to happen..

What do you think will happen? Comment in the box below and tell me what you think.

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  1. Send him to CIncinnati!

  2. I’d love to see him in an A’s uniform, too bad that will never happen…

  3. Reyes is a game changer, when healthy, but i feel mets might trade him.

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