Mcllroy Ahead in U.S. Open

Every golf fanatic remembers Rory Mcllroy chocking late in the 2011 Masters. It almost resembles LeChoke James’ collapse during the NBA Finals, right? So far in the U.S. Open, Mcllroy is shooting a 6-under-par 65 and has a 3 stroke lead over Y.E Yang and Carl Schwartzel. He looks very focused and his shots are right on. Personally, I think he’ll take this lead going into Sunday and close out with the win. Rory is a great golfer, and he knows how to play while ahead. However, he has plenty of time to falter as there are still 3 days of tournament play left. What do you think will happen?

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  1. Dude is dominating up by 10 strokes now!?! I hope he doesn’t choke again, that might kill his confidence beyond repair…

  2. He’s 22 and he’s already made history! Nobody has ever made it to -14 AT ANY POINT in 111 US Open’s. I agree with chappy81, that might kill his confidence for the rest of his career. I hope he wins though.

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