Mcllroy Runs Away with U.S Open Title

I don’t normally write about golf, so here goes:


Two months ago, Rory Mcllroy was on pace to win the Masters. However, his brutal collapse forced him to a different place in the tourney: 15th. Many people still think that this guy can be the next Tiger Woods, hopefully minus the sex scandals and whatnot. He’s definitely shown he can keep up with the old chaps, provided that he stays focused. Mcllroy shot a record-breaking 16-under-par at this year’s U.S. Open. This guy can really play; I don’t normally care for golf, but damn do I love watching this guy. Looks like what happened at Augusta didn’t really affect him.

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  1. Fantastic win for McIlroy, the only thing stopping him is expectations, hopefully he can live up to them.

  2. He won fair and square. Congratulations to him on the big win & being a great story.On the other hand, the USGA disappointed me.

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