Pujols Out 4-6 Weeks with Arm Injury

Yesterday, the St. Louis Cards released the MRI and CT scan results of their All-Universe player Albert Pujols. The results showed that he has “a non-displaced fracture of the left radius bone” (Courtesy ESPN.com) The timetable for this injury is 4-6 weeks. This is a huge blow to the Cards because he’s very consistent, and his average has been on the rise ever since Opening Day. However, I think the Cards are a good-enough team to put this injury to the side, focus on the game, and at least play .500 ball till Pujols comes back around late July/early August.

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  1. That’s a good team and they’re in a division that they can win with him missing some time as long as they stay at or above .500 til he returns

    • footballnutz17

      I forgot to add in the fact that all the Fantasy Baseball owners who took him^^ with their #1 pick are pretty PO’ed right now

  2. They can’t catch a break. Holliday comes back, Pujols goes down…

  3. I am one of those with Pujols on my fantasy teams hahaha. 2 of them to be exact. Luckily I am in 1st in both and have quality bench strength or I would be Po’d big time. LOL

  4. I’m just glad I don’t have him on my fantasy team. I hate the fact that his contract ties into everything, I mean EVERYTHING he does or doesn’t do this year. Like if he sits out a few games, or struggles, oh, there goes $2 million. It is so annoying. Good luck to Albert though with the injury.

    • footballnutz17

      Hasn’t he been consistent enough for the past like 5, 6 years? What, like 3 MVP’s, .300 average every season isn’t good enough for ya? He has to prove one more time that he’s “the machine”?
      Granted, teams do look for the players to have good contract years, mainly because its obv the year before you sign him a huge contract, so maybe this injury is scaring some teams, but i wouldnt be too scared of this if I was a team looking for him

  5. As a baseball fan, I hate seeing the injury because King Albert is a baseball star. As a Reds fan, I hope he takes all the time he needs to recover.

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