Phoenix Suns Looking to Trade Nash to T-Wolves

Sources say that the Phoenix Suns are looking to draft Derrick Williams. He is slated to be selected with the 2nd pick. The owners of that pick are the Minnesota Timberwolves. To get the 2nd pick, the Suns are willing to trade their best player (Steve Nash) to get Derrick Williams. How stupid is that? Stoudemire is gone, Marion is gone, now Nash is gonna be gone. Remember in like 2008 when the Suns had all those players? They were pretty good with them right? I don’t understand the logic; trade a proven All-Star for a prospect…I realize that Nash is a bit old (37 to be exact), so now I can kinda see where they’re goin with this. Still, I don’t like this deal at all. If this deal really were to go down, the T-Wolves would be royally ripped off. They’re giving away the chance to draft a great playmaker, leader, and scorer for Steve Nash aka the Brett Favre of the NBA. I don’t mean Favre as in never wants to retire, I just compared the two because they’re both old, yet they both produced late in their careers.

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  1. Idk who’s dumber Phx or the T Wolves its a bad move for both teams. Williams may turn out to be an all star player but Nash is an all star player. Besides don’t the T Wolves got enough PGs. If Phx trades Nash it only makes sense if they plan on keeping Aaron Brooks but that don’t mean trade him for a prospect he’s Steve Nash he might be 37 but he has something left in the tank go for a proven player not a prospect

  2. There’s a zero percent chance Nash would approve this. He’d veto that move in a second! I heard Gortat possibly for the #2 pick, but I don’t even think still in the works…

  3. Bad move for both teams. The T’Wolves just got Ricky Rubio, not smart to bury him on the bench.

  4. Rock on. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Thought I’d reciprocate.

    I guess Minnesota should be feeling pretty good about themselves. Their front court is pretty legit now, with Love and Williams there. They’ll put some butts in the seats with Rubio, too, although I’m not a buyer on his game.

    • footballnutz17

      The European style of basketball is MUCH different than the NBA’s, so I am looking forward to see how Rubio handles this new experience.
      I like Love and WIlliams, both good players.
      Do you have a Twitter I can follow?

  5. It only makes sense if the Suns are thinking rebuild and free up dome extra cash. But I dont see why the Timberwolves would wa ntto make this move considering they have Rubio.

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