CC, Verlander earn their 11th win, more baseball news in this edition

The 2011 MLB Season is almost halfway over!!! Crazy how fast it went, right? The biggest story’s been Jose Reyes and how he’s carried the woeful Mets from a pretender to a contender, all in about 2 months! However, you can probably find another story that might be more important; I’m a Mets fan, so that’s why I say that. But honestly, all I’ve been hearing on ESPN, Sportscenter, and the like is “Reyes 3-4 with 2 runs in last night’s game carries Mets over (insert team name here)”. Now that I’ve bored you with my Mets talk, let’s divulge into the stories across the league from yesterday’s games.

CC fans 13 as Yankees beat Brewers 5-0

Yesterday, CC Sabathia pitched a quality start against the Brewers, allowing zero runs, six hits, and two walks in 7 and 2/3rds inning (Cred ESPN).He was the first ML pitcher to earn 11 wins, in fact just an hour before Verlander did (see Verlander section below). CC is now 11-4 on the season, and is looking like he’s found his groove with all his pitches, especially his fastball. The Yanks are now 23-4 in day-games, which is an amazing record (that’s a win percentage of 86!). REALLY GLAD I picked him up on my fantasy team this season, as he is doing amazing! Just realized, I HAVE VERLANDER TOO :)!

CC's hot right now, no question. Photo Cred

Verlander gets 11th win, Coke moved to bullpen

Same story as CC, Verlander pitched a good game against my Mets, allowing one run, seven hits, and 2 walks in 7 innings of work. Detroit’s ace also added 6 K’s to his stat-line, as he kept the Mets at bay to avoid the sweep. His record halfway through the year is 11-3, percentage-wise just better than CC’s. I love to watch this guy pitch, especially now when he’s on fire. To quote my Twitter friend @AndrewMarhevko:”@TheSportzGuru Hes been totally different this year….living here and watching him mature…THIS is what everyone THOUGHT he would be.”

The Tigers sent Phil Coke to the bullpen yesterday after struggling the first half of the season. “Coke is 1-8 with a 4.91 ERA after allowing seven earned runs in four-plus innings against New York on Wednesday night.” That quote from pretty much says it all about Coke’s struggles this season. In his first three Major League seasons, Coke worked out of the pen. The Tigers only recently moved him to their rotation, and he has not been able to deliver what they expected from him. We shall see if he does better as a reliever compared to a starter, as he’s shown he’s much more comfortable in the pen.

Verlander is lookin good on the mound halfway through the season. Photo Cred

Coke was moved to the pen yesterday after his abysmal 1-8 start to the season. Photo Cred

Sox cut ties with Cameron after Youk injury

Yesterday, the Boston Red Sox designated OF Mike Cameron for assignment. This means the team has ten days to trade him, release him, or waive him. This is a really sad thing to happen to any MLB player, especially one with a track record like Cameron. IT’s a shame to see Cameron bat only .149 with a 3-39 slump this season. That slump might’ve been the X-factor in the decision to cut him loose. The Sox needed cut someone loose because they needed room to make room for Youk’s replacement Yamaico Navarro. (He) “is a 23-year-old native of the Dominican Republic who made his debut for the Red Sox last season and batted .143 (6 for 42) with no home runs and five RBIs in 20 games” (Cred

I remember Cameron back when he was with the Mets in 2005, when this happened:

Absolutely terrible. I remember it like I was watching it like on TV yesterday, yet I was only nine years old at the time.

One last thing, Jeter is set to re-join the Yankees Monday against the Cleveland Indians. People on are sayin that he’ll most likely get his 3,000th hit against the Tampa Bay Rays at home, July 7th-10th.

Comment, tell me what you think about this news, and whatever I forgot from yesterday, tell me about it.

Until tomorrow morning,

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  1. How can anyone get bored with Mets talk?!

    Big weekend for the Mets BTW. A weekend series vs the Yanks and we find out if America woke up and finally realized Jose Reyes should be starting at SS for the NL.

    • footballnutz17

      YES dude they’re still gonna vote jeter tho..:(

      Kinda like how Yao Ming got into the All-star game last year when he played 5 games the whole season

  2. Jose Reyes has been on fire. Now both New York teams are looking like contenders this year. CC is looking alot more comfortable this year, which is a good thing for the Yanks. A returning Jeter is also a bonus. Jeter has always been one of my favorite players. I just wish my Dodgers could get it together.

  3. I liked Verlander’s post game. He said his stuff wasn’t that good after going for seven innings and giving up a run hahahaha! I bet pretty much any starter would love to have that line…

  4. Reyes is quickly evolving into something more than human…like a Norse God or a Griffin or something. All that being said, 20 per for 7 years is way to much. (but, I’d hate to see him go)

  5. I don’t like the Mets but I like what Reyes is doing I love the Yanks and Verlander is dealing

  6. I love the newspapery like format, with the big headlines and all. Great job. Man, Verlander has been DEALING lately. Unbelievable. I think he’s the most dominating pitcher in baseball when he’s on. He’s a perfect game/no hitter threat every time he goes out there. And how on earth is CC not in the All Star Game?

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