49ers end workouts; Vick gets a deal; more football news in this edition!

Everyone’s anxious about the NFL Lockout. When will it end? Will it affect games? Hell, will there even be a season next year? I got all those questions (and more) answered in this edition of The Sportz Guru.

49ers, Smith end informal workouts

Let’s start with some 49er’s news. Yesterday, the San Fran 49ers officially wrapped up their informal workouts. The workouts were obviously “informal” because the lockout isn’t allowing them to work out the way they usually would. I’ve heard through the grapevine that Alex Smith’s taught as much as Jin Harbaugh’s West Coast offense as he possibly can. He also feels that these workouts puts the 49ers a step ahead of the competition, mainly because some of the other teams didn’t have informal workouts like the 49ers did. These workouts were held at San Jose State, and they did NOT include defensive players; only offensive. It really sounds like Smith’s taking the team on his back here and becoming the leader we all thought he’d be. Now if he can only perform better in the actual GAME, then people would start to realize this guy is for real. I like this idea by Smith; just get the guys workin a bit, doesn’t have to be full on-contact drills, but at least get ‘em workin so when the lockout ends and trainting camp starts they’re close to being ready.

Smiths's effort during this lockout is surely appreciated by 9er fans across the USA. Photo Cred http://helmet2helmet.net

Nike re-signs Vick to an endorsement deal

In other news, Nike re-signed Michael Vick to an endorsement deal yesterday. This comes four years after dropping him for his problems with the law. As you may recall, Vick served 21 months in prison after admitting his involvement in a dog fighting ring. “Vick was voted The Associated Press Comeback Player of the Year after missing two seasons and playing sparingly in 2009”(Credit ESPN.com). What a comeback indeed. Even though a TON of people still hate on him, but I have much respect for a guy that admits he’s guilty, especially when he knows he’s getting a ton of time in the slammer. What do you think of Vick? Do you think Nike did good signing him or do you think they should’ve not signed him?

Vike signed an endorsment deal with Nike yesterday. Photo Cred http://images.forbes.com

NFL Lockout questions

Now I’ll get to the questions I mentioned above. The lockout will end; in fact I’ll even tell you when! It will end during the month of July, mark in on the calendar baby, cuz Goodell and Smith are pretty damn close! It will NOT affect any games during the 2011-2012 season. Obviously, if it the lockout ends this month, there’s gonna be a season, so that question is already answered for us.

Have questions, problem with what I said, answers, anything? COMMENT.

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  1. Im a 49er fan and i really hope Smith works out, Im Vick just will do the right thing from here on out, i think he will, i hope. nice post, good reads and info.

    • footballnutz17

      I could’ve actually done a lot more with this post, but it is the weekend, gonna lay low until monday

  2. Take another guess, as far as when the NFL lockout will end. June has come and gone.

  3. I’m with you SportGuru, won’t believe any Alex Smith hype until he proves it on the field. I think Colin Kapernick eventually becomes the starter by year end.

    Vick going back to NIke is a little bizzare. I don’t know how I feel about it, but it could easily backfire for Nike.

  4. I love Alex Smith I think he will have a breakout year. I’m happy for Vick he did his time and he’s proved that he’s a changed man he’s getting all he deserves and the lockout…I say mid to late july is when the NFL will get back to bizz

  5. Alex Smith, hmmm, had him on some fantasy teams, not a great qb in that media, but, yes, he still has the “it” thing that still might come out in the future. the team is better now at any rate. As for Vick, I am a confirmed life long dog lover. Any one that could do what he did is about 2 cents shy of a dime. I am hoping for a short come back and hopefully no time to do a commercial. I lost all respect for Nike. I do spend some cash on sports equipment and i will be researching anything I buy or support for any sign of a swoosh and will consume elsewhere with a different product. that is for ever, not just while they have Vick. Like I said, no respect. Not going to matter to Nike, but it does to me.

  6. I dunno about Alex Smith, you seem to be the first 49ers fan that believes in him still. Did you see that article where Crabtree didn’t show up to his workouts because he didn’t think he’d be the QB? He said something like, we have a QB? That’s news to me, I’m just going to keep training with my other teammates and skip Alex’s workouts…

    Vick is lucky that Nike took him back. I’ve always been for giving guys a second chance no matter what they did and how bad it was. I guess if you put me in their shoes I’d hope I could redeem myself too…

    • footballnutz17

      Crabtree is such a dick, no doubt about it.

      how about if Smith doesn’t throw him the ball now b/c of this, AND THEY END UP WINNING?

  7. Can’t argue about Crabtree’s attitude. The guy is a dick, but at the same time Smith isn’t even under contract for the 49ers and is a free agent, so why should Crabtree go play with a guy who isn’t even technically a member of the team!?!

  8. What is Nike thinking? Vick said yes to the deal, but if you were him wouldn’t you feel a bit used, and embarrassed? Nike didn’t stick with him during his tough times (understandably so), but now they want him back? I don’t understand it.

  9. I hope like hell vick wins a title on this haters that hates on for getting a deal he does has a family to feed its rite that any body in this world gets a second chance in life anyone that thinks a man or woman don’t belive in second chance at life I hope and prey for them when GOD brings his jugdement in do time what are u going to tell our creator hun u never sin yeah rite all of u need to quit hanging on vick balls leave him alone yeah it was crule what he did to those dogs he all so had dogs he loved all so I hope vick wins a ring on u broke haters what mad cause he just got more money I belive most of u out there or racist to the t just like they didn’t want abama leading the charge of the U.S just like the nfl doent want an african american to win an nfl title but we have blacks in the US that does not surport black qbs even before vick did what he did to those poor dogs but they’ll surport brady or manning or ben or brees wow what a world we live in hun no disrespect to any of those qbs cause they are great QBs with the best o line in the game of foot ball ben and brees are the only ones that use there legs y cause a line was put in front of them ben o line mybe not as good when he won his first ring y because bettis carried the work load in 05 06

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