Big man Yao Ming retires; NBA news from around the league

Now I know this news is a bit late (sorry I’m on vacation), but Yao Ming has decided to retire from the NBA. He’s only 30, so this kinda came as a surprise to me. He had a decent 4 or 5 years in the league before injuries plagued the last 3 years of his career. How did he make the all-star game last year while only playing like 10 games? That baffled me, he wasn’t even that good… Anyway, he’ll certainly be missed 🙂

Sources say Deron Williams struck a deal with a Turkish basketball club on Friday, ensuring that he’ll get paid even if there’s no NBA season next year. This move by D-Will surprised me a bit, however I can understand why he’d do it. He plays for the worst franchise in the league, AND he plays in New Jersey. What else do you need? Knicks guard Landry Fields says that some NBA players might follow D-Will’s decision to go overseas. Sounds logical: why risk not getting paid for a whole year when you can be the best player on another team, thus getting paid the big bucks?

Off to go swim, comment and tell me what your thoughts are.

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  1. Its to bad Yao Ming never really got his career rolling. The Rockets could have done some great things i think.

  2. he made all-stars because people can’t get enough of him he is like no other basketballl player fans love him

  3. I’m on vacation myself, so I completely understand. Yao could’ve been so much better, if healthy, but for the limited time that he played the game, he was a great player, but above all, he was an ambassador for the NBA and China.

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