Slow day in sports

Once again, another slow day in sports..Where’s the news about Brett Favre’s return? I think he should announce his ‘coming back’ to the NFL after this whole labor dispute is resolved. Speaking of that, word is that the two sides are looking to ratify a deal by July 21. The link is Pretty good news..

Here’s what I think of the labor dispute: The deal will get done by the date stated (July 21). It will include an approximate 50/50 split of the $ between the players and the owners. What do you think?

Mike Vrabel announced his retirement yesterday after 14 years in the league. He was a member of the KC Chiefs for the past two seasons after being with the Patriots for eight years. Instead of “taking his talents to South Beach”, the former Chief will coach the linebackers at Ohio State University. What made him decide to retire? I guess he was bored playin football and would rather coach young players. I’ll tell you one thing: he chose the perfect college, minus the scandals of course. Maybe he can get people to forget about all the scandals OS has had recently…

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  1. There are three topics that weren’t even mentioned during all this B.S. about “we are close to a settlement.” Anybody who has even been involved in collective bargaining knows there is no such thing as “close;” there’s “done” and “not done” – that’s it. The easy stuff gets done up front, the hard stuff like the retired players fund, the rookie salary cap and the 18-game schedule (when’s the last time you heard that mentioned, especially since it was a “line in the sand” issue) gets saved for the end because they will be the hardest to hammer out and come with the highest cost for either side. Unless there is a major shift on these three issues, there won’t be a deal by July 21st.

    Ask yourself a question – who are the people saying we are close to a deal? Did you notice they are all from the NFL side? All this blather about a deal is an old tactic used to pressure the players into a settlement.

    The Vrabel hire is all about OSU trying to rebuild its “street cred” with recruits.

  2. Slow day for some sports, huge day for others. Lots of soccer action going on, including the Copa America and the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, and Canadian Football League, Arena Football League, then of course there is baseball and the All Star Game. I know I’m kind of contradicting you, but I see what you mean by slow day in sports.

  3. I don’t think they’ll get a deal done. I wonder whatever happened to the retired players, 18 game schedule issue, and rookie salaries. Seems like they haven’t been talking about those issues and only the divide of money. Does that mean they’ve agreed on those issues? Does it mean they aren’t talking about them because they are still far apart on them? I’ll believe they have an agreement when I see it…

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