News from the dugout: K-Rod traded to Brewers, Braves beat Nats

Since baseball is the hottest thing right now in sports (especially since the 2nd half just kicked off), why not write about that?

For some reason that reminds me, does anyone want me to write a guest post?


 K-Rod traded to Brewers

The Mets traded Francisco Rodriguez to the Milwaukee Brewers a couple days ago. K-Rod really doesn’t have much to show in his 2 and a half years with the Mets. Should we even call him K-Rod anymore after his stint with the Mets? One year (2008) he’s setting the season-high saves record, the next he’s recording a decent 35 saves for the Mets. During his Mets years, he was very inconsistent and it was nerve-wracking watching him close out a game, especially when it was a 1-run game. All my Mets fans, comment and tell me good or bad move by the Mets?

Why does it always seem like every guy that comes to the Mets ends up sucking? Jason Bay, K-Rod, Luis Castillo, Tom Glavine, you name it.

I'll guarentee you K-Rod will have a better career in Milwaukee than in NY. Photo Cred

Braves beat Nats

This wouldn’t normally be a headline-worthy story, however I think this is something special. Last night, the Braves routed the Nationals 11-1 to earn their 10,oooth franchise win. In this game, the Nats were extremely sloppy, committing five errors.I congratulate the Braves on their 10,000th win, nice job and keep it up. Earning that many wins shows dedication, hard, and overall excellence in the sport of baseball. Since I’m a Mets fan I’ll still hate the Braves, but I’ve earned a bit of respect for them after this rout of the Nats.

The Braves did good work last night, getting their 10,000th win. Photo Cred

Phillips walk-off HR beats Cards

Last night, Reds 2nd baseman Brandon Phillips stunned the Cardnals, hitting a game-winning HR with  2 outs in the ninth inning. “Phillips connected on the second pitch from Fernando Salas (5-3) for his second career game-ending homer, stopping to wave his arms in joy before reaching first base. Phillips injected some ill will into the rivalry last season when he called the Cardinals whiners, sparking a brawl” (Cred Looks like this rivalry is certainly heating up. Any Cards or Reds fans reading this? What’d you think of this HR? Anyone else can comment on this as well, I was just lookin for an opinion from someone inside the rivalry.


Phillips stuck the knife into the hearts of the Cards last night. Photo cred





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  1. I think the Mets made a good move trading K-Rod, after the end of last year and the whole debacle you could see something like this coming, and very well could be first of more to come.

  2. Another chapter in a new great rivalry, Cards-Reds that is. And Phillips has been in the middle of it. I’m not really surprised about K-Rod getting traded. Now is the time that Sandy Alderson decides what to do with his few stars left, Beltran, etc. I’m assuming they’ll be gone. I’m open to a guest post.

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