NFL mediation to begin Monday; Rangers win 10th in a row

As the days go by, I notice there’s less and less NBA news to report. Obviously, the lockout is the reason for this (they’re not really getting any talking done, so you can’t report what hasn’t happened right?). If you check on, you’ll see from yesterday to today there was NO NBA NEWS. I’ve never seen that before; a whole 24-hour period with no news? I’m surprised there’s no news of the NBA/NBAPA getting together to talk, but I guess there’s just too many issues to do anything at this time.

NFL mediation to begin Monday

Sources indicate the NFL and the NFLPA will have mediated talks, beginning on Monday. Just another step towards ending the lockout I guess. It certainly seems we’re getting close, hopefully by next week the CBA can be finalized and we can have a full 16 game season minus the preseason games. I’m not getting Madden 12 either way; they’ve sucked me into buying the last 7 so I need a break. My choice is NCAA Football 12 this year.

NFLPA, get a deal done! Photo Cred

Rangers win 10th in a row behind Kinsler

Kinsler hit two home runs last night to propell the Texas Rangers to their 10th win in a row. They beat the Mariners 5-1 while also beating them in the hit department 13-6. Anytime you can double the amount of hits your opponent has, your chance of winning increase greatly. How long can they keep this up? Will it go till the end of July? I doubt it; they’ll lose sometime in the next 5 games.

Kinsler had his eye on the ball last night. Photo Cred

Comment! I know it was a short post, sorry guys nothing from the Big 4!

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  1. Rangers are on fire!
    I want fantasy football!!!! lol

  2. How about those Rangers! I want Fantasy Football too Bobby Charts! Also, I agree with you about NCAA Football 12 over Madden 12 this year.

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