Madden 12 Franchise on Halt: Bad Glitch

Last week, I started writing about my Madden 12 Buffalo Bills Franchise. It was going pretty good until I realized that a horrible A.I in this game causes undrafted free agents (UDFAs) to take over the league by year 2. Basically, instead of CPU teams re-signing their veterans/ draft picks, they cut ’em and sign these garbage undrafted players. So, by year 2 or 3 there’s just about nobody in the game that is in the NFL right now.

That’s no fun right? This is the reason I’ve put the project on temporary halt. There’s gonna be a patch either in October or early November, so I guess when that gets fixed (IF it gets fixed) I will keep you updated on that.

Thank you for understanding. Now, I’ll be focusing 100% on real sports!

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  1. The sooner the better I love Madden 12 I’m glad I didn’t start my franchise

  2. That’s too bad. Hopefully they fix it in the glitch.

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