CONFIRMED Francona leaves Red Sox

After Boston’s epic September collapse, manager Terry Francona has decided to leave the Red Sox.

Francona had a long tenure with Boston (eight seasons, two championships). Also, he lead the team to their first championship since 1918.

As most of you already know, the Sox went into the month of September with a 9 game lead on the WC, but went 7-20 to forfeit the spot to the Rays.

Looking back, I think this was the best choice for both parties. Francona told the team he was frustrated he couldn’t really “connect” with the players down the stretch (of the season). If I went 7-20 and coulndn’t really get into my players minds, I’d be pissed too. However, it looks like the only position available is in the White Sox organization, seeing as Ozzie just left.

One thing I don’t get is, how can you be out of the playoffs with a team that has Pedroia, Lackey, Buckholz, Papelbon, Ortiz, Gonzalez etc? Just something to think about on the weekend.

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  1. It’s sad that this was how Tito had to go. He had quite a successful run as manager and it’s sad to see him go out from the Boston organization this way.

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