Gotta admit, I don’t watch a lot of baseball…


I don’t.

I was crazy about it at the beginning of this year because it was my first year playing fantasy baseball. That quickly tailed off after I realized how much the Mets SUCKED. On second thought, the first half of the season was decent for them. At any rate, I knew they weren’t gonna make the playoffs, so I said why bother? I wouldn’t root for any other team. Baseball is kinda like an ‘on again, off again’ relationship; some weeks are great, others remind me that the Mets are just the Mets.

And I didn’t watch the last night of the regular season either (when the Rays and the Cardinals both clinched WC spots in the playoffs).

HOWEVER, I think it’s awesome that the Rays and the Cards were able to clinch, especially with the Braves AND the Sox being up by like 9 games with 20 to go. It was some crazy number like that right? Damn that’s like the Mets; every couple years, they get a decent lead on the division and they fall at the end. Hard to be a Met fan these days huh?

It may seem that this post doesn’t have a point, but it does: even thought I find the sport completely boring, I can still find enjoyment in READING about the sport. Granted, two teams clinching on the last night of the season happens every 50 years, but at least the bloggers have something to write about the next morning :).

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  1. I just don’t like what Jose Reyes did the other day. Just selfish in my opinion, to take himself out of the game.

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