Terry Francona to leave Red Sox?

Reports are surfacing now on Twitter that Terry Francona (Red Sox manager) might not resign for next year. The reason Francona might leave/get fired is because his team blew a 9 game lead going into September by going 7-20. In addition, Terry recently talked about how his team “Became challenging” (NECN.com). My buddy @TonyJVilleGroup on Twitter said it best in this tweet: “Spend $342 million on your payroll the last 2 years & blow a 9 game lead in September, somebody’s gotta go. #RedSox“. 

I’m going to bed now, so if Francona get’s fired overnight I can’t really report it. But if he gets fired I will have the latest report for you. Until then, @TheSportzGuru is out.

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  1. All i can say is ridiculous. Apparently it’s coming from ownership.

  2. Francona is likely to say “Screw this, I’m outta here.” All he’s done is win two titles for a team that did nothing but bitch about some “curse” for 80+ years.He’s got nothing left to accomplish in Boston, and when his leadership style is being called into question after his record of success, he can easily say “See ya” and get another job before his footprints out of Boston get cold.

  3. Wow, I seriously doubt this will happen, but I’d be really surprised if it does.

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