NFL Week 4 Picks

This time I promise I’ll get a couple more picks right. Here goes:

Detroit Lions @ Dallas Cowboys

The Lions are hot, and looking to stay hot. But against a healthy Romo, I think the Lions offense wont be able to keep up with Dallas’. That said, it’s gonna be a real close game, as both defenses are pretty stout (Lions D line is crazy and Ware adds a new level to that Dallas D.)

Final score: Cowboys 24, Lions 21

Carolina Panthers @ Chicago Bears

What can I really say about this match up? Cam Newton and the new-look Panthers against Crazy Cutler and the Bears? Tough to call either way considering how much Newton brings to the table with his legs…Can’t forget about that CHI Defense though, a really great unit going into this game.

Final score: CHI 17, CAR 14

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Houston Texans

Ah, the ol’fashioned Pittsburgh Steelers; the team that’d run it down your throat. Whatever happened to the good old days? Big Ben came along and ruined ’em with his great playmaking ability. He also keeps plays alive with his feet better than any other QB in the league.

The Texans defense is vastly improved from last year, which will make for a good game. I expect the Texans to pull off the upset in this one, regardless of how good Big Ben is.

Final score: HOU 28, PIT 27

Tennessee Titans @ Cleveland Browns

Tennessee’s QB Matt Hasselbeck has been a huge surprise the first three weeks of the season. Can he keep it up? If RB Chris Johnson keeps playing like shit, he’s gonna have to if his team wants some W’s. Look for CJ to get out of this slump. Although he didn’t breakout last week against Denver (horrid run D), he’ll have a great game sooner or later.

Browns QB Colt McCoy has been a surprise as well, and with the running game led by Peyton Hillis, this team should have no trouble putting up some points against the Titans; not to mention the fact that Cleveland is playing at home.

Final score: CLE 28, TEN 24

Buffalo Bills @ Cincinnati Bengals

The hot Buffalo Bills (3-0) go to Cinncinati to face the new-look Bengals. The latter team is in a rebuilding phase now, but they have some promising talent at QB and WR. The Bills wont be undefeated for long however, as I expect the Bengals to put some points up early and hold Buffalo’s offense to minimal yards.

Final score: CIN 35, BUF 21

Washington Redskins @ St. Louis Rams

While it looks like the ‘skins have cooled off (and Grossman now looks like Grossman), I still think washington can keep this game close. Hightower looks promising for the Redskins, while Bradford/ Jackson have gotten off to a sluggish start this season. Until those two show me they can compete consistently, I’ll shy away from them.

Final score: WAS 28, STL 27

Minnesota Vikings @ Kansas City Chiefs

With the Chiefs loosing Jamaal Charles for the year, they’ll have to improvise in order to compensate for the loss of explosiveness. They demonstrated that last week, with Dexter McCluster getting the bulk of carries. Cassel and Bowe need to improve timing and chemistry, but we all saw last year how both of ’em can start slow and finish strong.

One the other side, we got All-Pro AP at Running Back and vet Donovan McNabb at QB. We know for a fact AP needs to get at least 20 carries for this team to have a chance to win. Look for the Chiefs to stack the box in order to slow down AP and force McNabb to throw. The biggest question of the game is: Can McNabb be effective enough through the air to get the W?

Final score: KC 21, MIN 20

San Fransisco 49ers @ Philadelphia Eagles

Normally, I’d say the Eagles were a lock for winning this game, BUT, after watching the Giants take ’em apart, I’m not so sure anymore. We know Mike Vick’s gonna play. Will he be as effective as usual? That SF D is pretty good, and I don’t think Vick’s gonna want Pat Willis runnin’ after him..

The 49ers have had a tough time finding an identity for themselves on offense. Gore is having  a tough season running the ball, and Smith can’t seem to get into a rhythm with his receivers. I leave this game open for discussion, as it could sway both ways.

Final score: PHI 28, SF 21

New Orleans Saints @ Jacksonville Jaguars

I don’t think Jacksonville stands a chance against this exciting, dynamic Saints offense. Albeit the Jags have MJD running the ball, their sub-par D and their inexperienced QB makes this pick a no-brainer.

Final score: NO 35, JAC 21

Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks

Matty Ice and Co. travel to Seattle to take on the Seahawks. This one’s just like the NO @ JAC game, not even gonna be close. The Seahawks have Tarvaris Jackson as their Quarterback…’nuff said.

Final score: ATL 31, SEA 17

New York Giants @ Arizona Cardinals

I know the Giants got hit with a lot of injuries to their defense in the preseason, BUT Arizona is a team in transition this year. Not expecting an upset here, as the Giants are a developed team with good players that know what it take to win.

Finals score: NYG 28, ARI 17

Denver Broncos @ Green Bay Packers

With the Green Bay defense AND offense firing on all cylinders now, I don’t see any room for this Broncos team to work with. Orton/Rodgers isn’t even a fair comparison, and the tandem of Starks/Grant beats Moreno/McGahee in my opinion.

Final score: GB 21, DEN 10

Miami Dolphins @ San Diego Chargers

Rivers and the San Diego Chargers host the Miami Dolphins at home this week. Miami has now noticed that REGGIE BUSH CANNOT RUN IN BETWEEN THE TACKLES!!! Daniel Thomas has the gig in Miami, let’s see how he fares against this Super-charged D. Rivers will take over this game and lead the Chargers to a W.

Final score: SD 31, MIA 21

New England Patriots @ Oakland Raiders

Ya know, I have a funny feeling ’bout this Raiders team in this game. Something tells me they’re gonna pull this one out. Run DMC is playing like a champ out there on the gridiron, and Campbell might get hot and connect with Ford or Moore on some deep passes. Plus, Brady’s comin’ off that horrible four-pick game against the Bills, so he will still be a bit rattled coming in.

Final score: OAK 35, NE 31


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  1. Wow, a lot of close games that you picked to happen. A lot of one point wins as well. I like your pick of the Bengals, I don’t fully agree, but I’m glad more people see that Buffalo won’t be undefeated for much longer. I’d say it’s a close game that could go either way between them and the Bengals.

    • footballnutz17

      Yea I don’t like to predict blowout’s, those kinda things I feel just ‘have to happen’, can’t really be predicted.

  2. Another sunday full of good football can’t wait til they get started

  3. Hell yeah, I love you picked my Raiders to win. I hope they do…

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