NHL Free Agency: My first hockey post

Cogliano was traded to the Anaheim Ducks from the Edmenton Oilers this past off-season.

Hello, my name is HockeyGuru, and I will be writing the hockey stories on this blog. My good friend Steve (@TheSportzGuru) has allowed me to do this. Here is my first post (it’s about the NHL Free Agency period this year):

Money was flying this summer. New faces going to big cities and rookies going to make their mark somewhere else. Personally, I think the biggest signing this summer was the New York Rangers signing Center, Brad Richards, to a 9-year 60-Million dollar contract. The Rangers needed a first line center to be a duo with star right wing , Marion Gaborik. They satisfied their needs. Like I said about the rookies changing cities, one name was a big change. Andrew Cogliano, formerly of the Edmenton Oilers, was traded to the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks scored a big goal in this trade and I think Cogliano has a big future. Other minor topics consist of Zach Parise staying in New Jersey after a injured season. Also, Teemu Selanne does not retire and goes back to Anaheim. A veteran with his stats has 2 or 3 years left in him if he continues to have those kid of seasons. This summer was one not to forget because this NHL season just was decided on those siginings.

Thanks for reading guys.

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  1. I’m pulling for my NY Rangers and my LA Kings let’s go NHL

  2. Great to see a hockey post, hope the HockeyGuru continues to write. Richards was definitely a big move for the Rangers, I’m so excited for the season to start!

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