NFL Week 5 Picks

I’m back for more in-depth analysis and picks!

New Orleans Saints @ Carolina Panthers

We all know that the Saints have a high-powered offense, but can their defense hold its own in this one? With the dynamic Cam Newton at QB, it’s hard to say this will be a total blowout, I honestly believe Carolina’s offense will keep them in this game, but New Orleans will still hold on to get the W.

NO over CAR by 10

Saints QB Drew Brees will look to light up the Carolina defense and spread the ball around (

Kansas City Chiefs @ Indianapolis Colts

Because of the Jamaal Charles injury, the Chiefs had to split carries between Dexter McCluster and Thomas Jones. Considering neither are great backs, Matt Cassel had to put the team on his back in order to win. Cassel just isn’t a QB that can take over a game like Brady, Rodgers, or Vick can, so I see a bit of a problem with the Chiefs. I also think Indy wins their first game of the season right here against the hopeless KC Chiefs.

IND over KC by 7

Painter will get another start at QB for the Colts on Sunday. How do you think he'll perform? (

Philadelphia Eagles @ Buffalo Bills

Both teams are coming off close Week 4 loses, so both will have something to prove coming in. While the Bills do have a better record, the Eagles have much more explosive players that can breakout at any moment. I think Andy Reid takes advantage of these weapons (Vick, Jackson, McCoy) this Sunday and leads his team to a victory.

PHI over BUF by 3

Jackson will have to make a few big plays for the Eagles to win this game (

Seattle Seahawks @ New York Giants

Ah, the New York Giants, my favorite football team. Although I don’t normally like to play favorites, I don’t see a way that the G-men can lose this one. However, they almost (should’ve) lost to the Cardinals last week, so keep that in mind this week.

NYG over SEA by 17

Manning will look to lead the Giants to a victory against the Seahawks at home (

Cincinnati Bengals @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Last week, we watched as the underdog Bengals defeated the Buffalo Bills to put ’em at 3-1. While the victory was by no means decisive, a win is a win in my book. I think they will carry the momentum from last week into this week and jump on the board early to put the Jags in a tough spot. That alone will be too much for Gabbert and MJD to handle.

CIN over JAC by 14

Green is the Bengals' best offensive weapon, so look for Dalton to connect with him early and often (

Tennessee Titans @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The Titans are a mixed bag this year; first Hasselbeck’s hot, then CJ starts to get going (finally!), now they face a stout Steel Curtain in Week 5. Will it be too much to overcome? I think so, especially because I don’t think Hasselbeck will stay hot for too much longer,though I think CJ might be able to break a few long runs here and there. Also add in the fact that Pitt is playing at home, and you have a win for the Steelers in order.

PIT over TEN by 14

CJ will keep the Titans in the game, but it won't be enough to win (

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans

In this matchup, we’ve got the Oakland Raiders traveling to Houston to take on the Texans. Even though I think Matt Schaub and Arian Foster will perform well in this game, I’m a bit skeptical either way because of Andre Johnson’s injury. Who do you think will be Schaub’s main guy? Personally. I think he’s going to spread the ball out much more than he usually does. On the Oakland side, besides Run DMC, this team doesn’t have any offensive weapons that are explosive.

HOU over OAK by 10

Foster will probably get a lot of carries on Sunday because of Johnson's injury (

Arizona Cardinals @ Minnesota Vikings

Kevin Kolb and the Cardinals are looking good so far this season, while I can’t say the same about the Vikings. This is a game that Arizona should win, but if the Vikings can stop Kevin Kolb and force Wells to run it, they have a good chance to win.

ARI over MIN by 7

If Kolb succedes, the Cardinals will win. However, if the Vikings can force TO's, it can go the other way in a hurry (

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ San Francisco 49ers

Tampa Bay is just coming off a win against the Colts, while the 49ers defeated the “Dream Team” last week. Considering each team’s matchups, I think the 49ers had the more impressive win. However, we’ve seen what Josh Freeman can do in the 4th quarter. His clutch play can carry his team to a W, so I’, not sure about either team in this one. Ultimately, I feel that San Fran will be able to get to Freeman a bit a force some TO’s, which will win them the game.

SF over TB by 7

We all know what Freeman can do in the 4th Quarter (

New York Jets @ New England Patriots

Tough matchup for the Jets, going into Foxboro with the pats coming off a decisive win against the Raiders. Personally, I don’t think the Jets can pull this one off. They look dazed and confused out there, and with the Patriots coming off that W, I don’t thin the jets have any chance.

NE over NYJ by 21

Brady's going to look to light up the Jets D in this game (

San Diego Chargers @ Denver Broncos

As my Twitter friend!/jstar1973 said: “Let the Tim Tebow chants begin.” Denver has no real running game and a pretty bad passing attack. Combine that with their horrendous defense, and you got yourself a Chargers win.

SD over DEN by 24

Rivers won't have any problems attacking this Denver D (

Green Bay Packers @ Atlanta Falcons

Despite the fact that Atlanta’s at home for this one, the GB Packers are just too good. Their high-octane passing attack and decent defense will make this an uphill battle for the Falcons. Julio Jones will be Matt Ryan’s No. 1 target, because you can expect Roddy White to get double teamed and matched up with GB’s 1st corner (Woodson).

GB over ATL by 10

The rookie receiver from Alabama will be catching passes left and right in this one (

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

Detroit is still on a monster roll, while Chicago hasn’t found it’s rhythm yet. Detroit is not the place to find your rhythm (unless you’re the Lions). As long as Megatron and Stafford stay healthy, this team will go 11-5. It’s a close one, but Detroit wins in glorious fashion.

DET over CHI by 7

Stafford will look to connect with Johnson to put Detroit over Chicago (

That’s all my picks, comment and tell me if you agree/disagree.

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