Week 5 First Half Analysis

I have to be brutally honest with all you guys: I didn’t watch any games this week. I was busy hanging out with friends, so I hope you all can understand why I didn’t watch games on Sunday. Despite that, I’ll still analyze my picks from Week 5, starting NOW:

Tennessee Titans 17 @ Pittsburgh Steelers 38

When I look at the stat sheet, I see that Matt Hasselbeck was the top passer of this game. If you watched the game on Sunday, you’d disagree in a heartbeat. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger threw for 5 TD’s in the blowout win against the Titans. The reason NFL.com put Hasselbeck over Big Ben is because Hasselbeck had more passng yards (they don’t take into account TD passes, scramble yards, etc). Getting back to the game, it doesn’t look like Mendenhall is himself anymore: he has 58 attempts for 173 yards and didn’t play this week because of a hammy. Jonathan Dwyer had 107 rushing yards for the Steelers and Mike Wallace had 82 receiving yards and a TD. Next week, the Steelers take on Jacksonville at home and the Titans are on their bye.

Prediction: Correct

Big Ben proved you don't need 400 passing yards to have a good day at the office (static.thehollywoodgossip.com)

Oakland Raiders 25 @ Houston Texans 20

In this game, I had the Texans over the Raiders by 10. However, after the death of owner Al Davis, it seems the Raiders had a bit more firepower than I expected. Matt Schaub had 416 yards through the air, Foster had 68 rushing yards, and the TOP RECEIVER goes to Arian Foster with 116 yards. Wow, an RB with over 100 receiving yards is insane! But, it wasn’t enough to beat the fired-up version of the Raiders. Can they repeat next week against the Cleveland Browns at home? I certainly think so. The Texans face the Ravens next week @ Baltimore.

Prediction: Incorrect

Foster had 180+ all-purpose yards last Sunday, but it wasn't enough to beat the Raiders.

Kansas City Chiefs 28 @ Indianapolis Colts 24

The Indianapolis Colts lost last week to put them at 0-5. They were playing at home, against a Chiefs team without Jamaal Charles, and they STILL lost. Who will they beat this year?

On the bright side, Painter had 277 yards passing, but Jackie Battle (who?) had 119 rushing yards for the Chiefs. Also, Dwayne Bowe had 128 receiving yards on the day. Next week, the Colt’s travel to Cinncinati to take on the Bengals, and the Chiefs are on a bye.

Prediction: Incorrect

Bowe led the Chiefs with 128 receiving yards last week in a win against the Colts (cache2.artprintimages.com)

Cincinnati Bengals 30 @ Jacksonville Jaguars 20

Take a look at these stats from this game: TOP PASSER: Blaine Gabbert, 221 yards. TOP RUSHER: MJD, 85 yards. TOP RECIEVER: Jason Hill, 118 yards.

All three of the top performers (in terms of yardage) are on the same team: Jacksonville. Yet, Jacksonville lost by 10. That’s because Cincinnati’s defense kept them in the game and allowed their offense to score TD’s in short-yardage situations. The Bengals are off to a surprising star (3-2) and go up against the Colts at home next week. Will they go 4-2 in their first 6 games?

The Jaguars go against Pittsburgh next week on the road.

Prediction: Correct

The Bengals rookie out of TCU is impressing me so far this season (usatoday.net)

 Seattle Seahawks 36 @ New York Giants 25

Man, was I wrong about this one. When I said the Seahawks really had no chance against the Giants, I was DEAD WRONG. How the hell did the Giants lose this one..I’ll tell you why: turnovers. If Cruz didn’t fumble that ball once and tip another one for an INT, maybe the Giants would’ve at least tied the game up. My friend told me yesterday that the Giants play so messy, and I wholeheartedly agree. Sometimes, Eli and the G-Men have their moments, but the bottom line is they’re barely a wild card team, if that. My hat goes off to the Seahawks this week, they took care of business (much like the Raiders) and did it when nobody expected them to.

On to the stats: Eli had 420 yards, Marshawn Lynch had 98 yards, and Victor Cruz had 161 yards. Next week, the Seahawks are on a bye and the Giants face Buffalo at home.

Prediction: Incorrect

Manning's 420 wasn't enough to beat the Seahawks (nflpassers.com)

Arizona Cardinals 10 @ Minnesota Vikings 34

Once again, bad pick by me. For some reason, I thought Kevin Kolb would light up this Vikings defense, but he only threw for 232 yards. 92 of those yards went to receiver Early Doucet (not Larry Fitzgerald). If you didn’t hear about AP’s 3 TD’s in the first quarter, you’re living under a rock. He contributed 18 points and 122 yards in the blowout. Without AP, where would this team be now? This game would’ve been a lot closer, I can tell you that much. Next week, the Cardinals are on a bye and the Vikings go to Chicago to face the Bears.

Prediction: Incorrect

AP's 3 touchdowns secured the win against the Cardinals in Week 5 (sportsrantz.com)

New Orleans Saints 30 @ Carolina Panthers 27

This game was a lot closer than I predicted (3 points as opposed to 10 points). However, I was right when I said Cam Newton would put up some points against this defense. Drew Brees had 359 yards with 129 of them going to TE Jimmy Graham. Through 5 weeks, Graham is looking like Brees’ favorite target. DeAngelo Williams contributed 115 yards on the ground for the Panthers, but it wasn’t enough to win this week. The Saints face the Bucs in Tampa next week and the Panthers face the Falcons in Atlanta.

Prediction: Correct

Graham is definitely Brees' favorite target so far in this season (pictures.zimbio.com)



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  1. Its unfortunate you missed yesterdays games there were a lot of good ones

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