Week 6 Picks 2nd Half

Cleveland Browns @ Oakland Raiders

Last week, the Raiders came from behind to beat the Texans after the death of owner Al Davis. Can they use this momentum to beat the Browns at home? The Browns are looking decent now (2-2), and they’re coming off a Week 5 bye. I think Cleveland pulls this one out on the road, but I imagine this being a close one.

Prediction: Browns over Raiders by 6

Will the Real McCoy show his face in Oakland this weekend? Photo cred cdn.blearcherreport.net

Houston Texans @ Baltimore Ravens

We’ve got a great matchup in this one: the 3-2 Texans and the 3-1 Ravens. Both teams are looking great on both sides of the ball, so expect a close game here. If Matt Schaub doesn’t force balls into coverage, the Texans have a good chance of winning. However, the Ravens are coming off a bye. Because of this, they will be fresh to start the game which will make things worse for the Texans.

Prediction: Texans over Ravens by 3

Schaub will spread the ball around and keep the defense guessing. Photo cred images.paraorkut.com

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Saints offense is still looking good; Brees, Thomas, and Graham are all contributing enough to score 30. On the other hand, the Bucs got blown out by the 49ers last week 48-3. Now that Tampa Bay’s at home, will they do better and finally get back on track? The average offensive ranking for the Bucs is 25th. To add insult to injury, their defense isn’t holding up. Despite the fact they’re home, I think they’ll still find a way to lose to the Saints and their high-powered offense.

Prediction: Saints over Bucs by 27

Graham is contributing nicely to this offense. Photo cred pictures.zimbio.com

Dallas Cowboys @ New England Patriots

This is my GAME OF THE WEEK. That basically means that this will be the best game to watch in Week 60. The Cowboys really haven’t done anything great yet; I don’t see why we should see them in the same class as the Patriots. They look undisciplined and sloppy (like the Eagles), while the Patriots are scoring points left and right.

Prediction: Patroits over Cowboys by 21

Brady will use his offensive weapons to beat the 'Boys. (yardbarker.com) Photo Cred

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears

Both these teams are still looking for their identity this season. The Vikings need Adrian Peterson to run the ball well today, but that might be a tall order against this stout Bears D. On the other side, Chicago needs to get it going on offense. Maybe give the ball to Forte a bit more? Whatever the case is, Jay Cutler looks rattled and coördinator Mike Martz needs to figure it out now!

Prediction: Vikings over Bears by 7

AP needs to do good tomorrow if the Vikings want a shot at winning. Photo cred ladiesdotdotdot.foles.wordpress.com


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  1. Nice new post, I’m gonna have to disagree with the Raiders-Browns. I think the Raiders will still be playing for Al.

  2. I disagree with all all of the above but I guess that’s why they play the game

  3. I think Dallas surprised everyone. Would have been nice for their D to stop Brady at the end!

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