Week 6 MNF Preview: Dolphins @ Jets

The NFL treated fans to some great games yesterday; I will have the 1st Half of my recaps tomorrow morning. I will now preview this week’s MNF game: the Miami Dolphins @ the New York Jets.

*Enter Beast Mode*

Neither of these teams have met expectations this year: the Dolphins look like a High School team and the Jets are on a 3 game losing streak. Miami lost Chad Henne for the rest of the season, so Matt Moore will start for them at QB. Reggie Bush hasn’t contributed to the running attack at all, and Brandon Marshall is looking to get tossed this week. Will they win any games this year? I think so, but I don’t think they get their first win here. Mark Sanchez does have some decent targets to throw to, his No. 1 receiver being TE Dustin Keller. In addition, the Jets have the running back tandem of LT and Shonn Greene to use; you know Rex Ryan will be looking to use them to tire Miami’s D. While the defense isn’t as good as in year’s past, they can still get it done when they need to (especially against an anemic Miami offense).The Dolphins will not pull off the upset: they need to fix the Quarterback position first before they can think about winning. In fact, I think their problems are too much to overcome; maybe they should look ahead to next season and try to get a high draft pick?

Off Topic: Come to think of it, there is a possibility that the Dolphins will draft Andrew Luck out of Stanford considering their QB issues.

Also, what was up with Marshall getting tossed? Is he trying to be like Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson or T.O? Because he will never be as good as them…

Will Marshall get tossed in this MNF match-up? Photo cred thecovertwo.com

Prediction: Jets over Dolphins by 21

Tomorrow, I will be recapping 7 of the 13 games from Week 6. Till then,



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  1. I can honestly say that it is Tuesday morning and I have no clue who won this game.

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