MNF Preview: Ravens @ Jaguars

This week’s MNF matchup pits the Baltimore Ravens against the Jacksonville Jaguars. To be honest, I wish this was a better matchup; I don’t wanna wind down my Monday with Ravens/Jaguars! But, we’ll have to live with it for this week. The Ravens will win this game easily. They have a Top 5 defense (as usual) and their offense isn’t looking too shabby either. On the other hand, the Jags offense is led by rookie Blaine Gabbert (never a good idea having a rook start at QB). He’s not a bad QB, he just hasn’t developed yet or gotten used to the speed of the NFL. MJD still looks good, but when he’s your only guy on offense, defenses stack the box with 8 or 9. That puts pressure on Gabbert to 1. Make a good read and 2. Make a good throw to the open receiver. Playing at home doesn’t help the Jag’s much in this game.

Lewis will lead the Ravens to a victory on MNF

There are many differences between these two teams:

1. The Ravens will make the playoffs (the Jags will not)

2. The Ravens have an established QB (the Jags do not)

3. The Ravens have a great defense (the Jags do not)

4. The Ravens have scored 148 pts this season (the Jags have scored half that)

Can you highlight some key similarities between these teams?

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  1. Like the Saints-Colts game last night, this might not be watchable after the first quarter!

  2. I really, really wish that MNF could get better games, nice post man!

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