Monday Night Football recap: JAC 12,BAL 7

What a horrible game played by these two teams! The only touchdown of the game was scored in the 4th Quarter and Baltimore had only 2 first downs all game! The Jaguars defense looked extremely impressive against a normally-potent BAL offense. Cornerback Rashean Mathis smothered these Ravens receivers in man coverage; that’s the reason why Flacco couldn’t throw the ball. Flacco finished with a  passer rating of 61, while Gabbert finished with a rating of 59. Josh Scobee hit 4 field goals, 3 of them being 50+ yards. That’s some major fantasy points right there! Something was wrong with MJD, as he fumbled 3 times. Good thing is, he only lost 1 of those fumbles.

In all honest, I thought this was gonna be like the Saints-Colts game 2 nights ago (Ravens blowing out the Jaguars). The game did not happen that way, and instead we were treated to a defensive battle. But when you think of Jaguars, do you think defense? No, when you think of Baltimore, you think defense.

Mathis was all over the Ravens receivers yesterday

Also, I must admit that my prediction was wrong. I chose the Ravens to blow out the Jaguars last night. I don’t think anyone saw this game coming. I even highlighted why the Ravens are so much better than the Jaguars! Unfortunately, none of that stuff matters when they go out and play the game: it’s who wants it more, that’s who’ll win the game.

Till tomorrow (when we do the power rankings),



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  1. I think we all missed the prediction on this game. Surprised the heck outta me I’ll tell ya that much.

    Glad you pointed out that the Jags secondary smothering the Ravens receivers was the root cause of Flacco’s struggles and subsequent sacks. I received many tweets dogging Joey Flax-seed last night and they all blamed him for holding the ball too long. Although he din’t play well and hasn’t had even an average season by my standards, I felt the need to defend him last night. The makeshift O-Line on the left side was awful and I’m starting to think Michael Ohur is one of the most-overrated Tackles in the NFL. Every game I watch him I see 2 offensive holding calls or false starts etc…. Amazing what one movie will do to everyone’s perception of his abilities

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