NFL Recap, MLB WS and more!

After reading @jstar1973’s blog (Read it here), I think I’ll take a page from his book. This will be a post covering baseball, basketball, and football.


Last week wasn’t good for the NFL. The games were bad and there just wasn’t excitement around the league this week. There were some nice stories though: Tim Tebow got his first win of the year, coming back from 0-15 in the last 5 minutes of  regulation. It was also his first start after HC John Fox decided to bench Orton. People are already annointing Tebow as the “QB of the future”, but remember it was only the Dolphins he beat. He didn’t go into Green Bay and beat the undefeated Packers, just saying.

Staying inside the NFL, the Jaguars beat the Ravens on MNF by a score of 12-9. The Jags didn’t need TD’s to win: Scobee had 4 FG’s, 3 of them 50+ yards. Also, their defense held Baltimore to 150 total yards. Ray Rice fumbled 3 times, surprisingly only losing 1 of those fumbles. I was completely wrong in my prediction: I said that Ray Lewis was gonna lead the Ravens to victory, but I guess that’s why they play the game (Bermanism).

Now on to the NCAA: Michigan State beat Wisconsin last week in the final seconds of the game. Michigan State QB Kirk Cousins launched a Hail Mary with 4 seconds left on the clock. The ball was tipped by both teams, but Keith Nichol was able to reel the ball in. He crossed the plane! Touchdown MICHIGAN STATE! Game over, 37-31 Michigan State OVER Wisconsin. That put Wisconsins BCS Championship hopes to rest, there’s no way they can get there now! At best they can probably get 8th or 7th.


Tomorrow, the Cardinals will take on the Rangers in Game 6 of the WS. The Rangers lead the Series 3-2. Do you think the Cardinals will force a Game 7? Honestly, I think they will; the Rangers most likely will fold and they don’t have the run production to close things out. I don’t follow baseball as much as football or basketball, so what I say probably isn’t going to happen. Just watch Pujols take over, that’s when you know I’m right.


The NBA Lockout is looking really bad for everybody: players, coaches, owners, and most importantly fans! According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, the NBA plans to cancel two more weeks of the regular season. If that happens, that would be 128 games in total that Stern has cancelled this year. What have we done to deserve this?

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  1. I think game 6 is postponed now sadly.

  2. Thanks for the mention. I like what you’ve done with it as well.

  3. I hope the Cards force a game 7…

    Sounds like they’re making some progress in the NBA, but I’ll believe there’s a deal when I see it!

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