Week 8 Picks

Is it just me, or was Week 7 a pretty bad week of football? I thought it was bad; hopefully Week 8 will be much better.

New Orleans Saints @ St. Louis Rams

This is a total mis-match: the Saints are rolling and the Rams are sucking. New Orleans is coming off that huge blow-out win against the Colts, while the Rams are coming off DeMarco Murray’s 253 rushing yards. Saints win big.

Prediction: Saints OVER Rams

Brees will lead his team to victory today against the lowly Rams (drewbreesjersey.com) .

Miami Dolphins @ New York Giants

As I’ve stated before, I’m a Giants fan. However, I don’t think that’ll sway my pick too much: even Dolphins fans don’t think they’re gonna win! If Matt Moore plays like he usually does, the Giants will win big. But, if Eli throws 3 picks, the Dolphins have a slight chance to take the lead in the 3rd Quarter. That would force the Giants to rally together and come back. Giants win by about 21.

Prediction: Giants OVER Dolphins

Manning will be the difference maker in today's game vs. the Dolphins (blog.lehighvalleylive.com)-Photo Cred.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

Week 7’s MNF game showed us that the Jags can beat a Top 5 team. They won that game because of their defense. Can they do the same this week against the Texans. I think they WILL work together on defense and make it hard for the Texans to score. You can’t forget that Andre Johnson will not be playing today, which will already make it hard for Schaub to get it going through the air.

Prediction: Jaguars OVER Texans

Gabbert will look to find a hole in the Texans defense today (pictures.zimbio.com)

Arizona Cardinals @ Baltimore Ravens

Although the Ravens lost last week against the Jaguars, I don’t think they’re bad enough to lose to the Cards. Baltimore picks it up this week and starts something on the ground with Ray Rice.

Prediction: Ravens OVER Cardinals

Rice will explode today against the Cardinals (images.paraorkut.com)

Minnesota Vikings @ Carolina Panthers

Wow, this is a tough one to pick. The new-look Vikings with Christian Ponder look pretty good, and the Panthers with Cam Newton also look good. I think the Vikings are more desperate for a win, plus they have AP who is a LOT better than DeAngelo Williams. Vikings win in a close one.

Prediction:Vikings OVER Panthers

Ponder will be the difference maker in today's game vs. the Panthers (profootballzone.com)

Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans

Tennessee is coming off a 41-7 beat-down via the Texans. The Colts are coming off a lose (as usual) via the Saints, 62-7. How do you give up 62 points anyway? Tennessee and their QB Matt Hasselbeck-RB CJ2K combo win.

Prediction: Titans OVER Colts

Hasselbeck has revived his career in Tennessee (pictures.zimbio.com)

Detroit Lions @ Denver Broncos

Detroit is on a 2-game losing streak after starting the year 5-0. The Broncos are coming off a win in Miami (comeback style). Even though Broncos have the “momentum”, their win was against MIAMI. They should be disappointing that they were down 15-0 in the first place! I think Detroit rebounds and improves to 6-2.

Prediction: Lions OVER Broncos

Megatron will take over this game vs. the Broncos (fantasyknuckleheads.com)

Washington Redskins @ Buffalo Bills

The Redskins lost last week to the Panthers, while the Bills were on a bye. This isn’t  home-away matchup really for either team (they are playing in Toronto, not Buffalo). I still think Buffalo’s the better team. They will win at the Rogers Centre.

Prediction: Bills OVER Redskins

Fitz looks like a new QB in Buffalo this year (nfltouchdown.com)

Cincinnati Bengals @ Seattle Seahawks

Last weeks pitiful 6-3 defeat at the hands of the Browns took a toll on these ‘Hawks. Cincinnati is looking like the better team halfway through the season. BUT, without Ced Benson this week, the Seahawks will take advantage by forcing Dalton to really throw the ball a lot. Seattle wins in an upset.

Prediction: Seahawks OVER Bengals

Lynch put da team on his back! (videogonviral.co)

New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers

This is touted as the Game of the Week by fans across the country. The Patriots are coming off a bye, while the Steelers are coming off a win in Arizona. Considering Belichick has never lost the game after the bye week, I’m gonna chose the Patriots.

Prediction: Patriots OVER Pittsburgh

Brady is looking great so far this year. (pictures.zimbio.com)

Cleveland Browns @ San Fran 49ers

The 49ers are a Top 5 team so far, earning a 5-1 record through 6 games. I don’t think the Browns have the firepower to stop them, not this year at least. If this matchup was last year, I’d probably chose the Browns.

Prediction: 49ers OVER Browns

Gore will lead his team on the ground today (images.paraorkut.com)

SNF Pick coming later today

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  1. I don’t know about the Jags beating Houston in Houston my friend. And I don’t see the Seabags beating the Bengals even if Dalton has to throw it a lot.

  2. The Jags won the game last week not so much because of their Defense but because of the ineptness of the Ravens Offense. This week against a top Offense I look for them to get blown out. Otherwise nicely done!

  3. I agree with most of your picks. The Game of the week will be the pats vs. the steelers. I gotta go with Pittsburgh in that one. Also, I do agree with you picking Jacksonville over Houston I like that pick. Nice post man good job! You can check out my picks at http://sambrief.com

  4. I def disagree with the Jags winning as I took Houston on a bet in that game. Short rest on the road against a better offense. I like the Seahawks pick at home. I could see that happening with Dalton and the crowd noise. Seahawks are different team at home.

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