Week 9 Picks

Miami Dolphins @ Kansas City Chiefs

This one should be a no-brainer: the hopeless Dolphins against the rising Chiefs. Hasn’t Kansas City won 4 games in a row? Now they’re 4-3 and tied for 1st in their division. They look like a team that can compete for the playoffs.Of course, the  Dolphins will start to “Suck for Luck” if they lose this game.

Prediction: Chiefs OVER Dolphins

Seattle Seahawks @ Dallas Cowboys

This is a very hard game to pick because both teams have shown flashes of brilliance. The Seahawks are coming off their rout at the hands of the Browns, while the Cowboys also got routed, but by the Eagles. I don’t think the Cowboys will pull it together, and something tells me the Seahawks will be fired up for this game. I just can’t say what thought..

Prediction: Seahawks OVER Cowboys

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints

The Buccaneers are coming off a bye and the Saints were shocked by the Rams last week. I’d say both teams are pretty even right now, if anything the Saints are a bit better. Playing at home just gives them that extra umf they need to put ’em over the edge.And if Drew Brees plays better than he did against St. Louis, they will be hard to beat.

Prediction: Saints OVER Bucs

San Fran 49ers @ Washington Redskins

The 49ers are the biggest surprise of this season. They are 6-1 so far and they haven’t lost a beat! I’d say they are in the playoffs no doubt, especially when you consider that the ‘Hawks got in last year with a 7-9 record. In the beginning of the year, the Reskins looked hot, but now Grossman is out and Beck isn’t exactly John Elway…

Prediction: 49ers OVER Redskins

New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

We’ve got a division rivalry on our hands baby! Last year at this time, I would’ve said Jets no doubt. But now, the Bills look like they can compete with the big boys, and good thing for them is the Jets don’t look like big boys this season. In Week 7 they looked really sloppy and unorganized.

Prediction: Bills OVER Jets

Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans

This one is a no brainer as well: Arian Foster, Matt Schaub, and the Texans D is looking great this year. Plus, they’re probably getting Andre back this week! The Browns are looking better than in previous years, but not good enough to compete with the Texans.

Prediction: Texans OVER Browns

Atlanta Falcons @ Indianapolis Colts

Again, last year I would’ve said COLTS. This year, I’m saying FALCONS.

Prediction: ^^^^^

Cincinnati Bengals @ Tenessee Titans

In this game, Dalton will hook up with Green for a TD. Also, the Bengals defense will keep the Titans at bay, which should be easy considering the troubles CJ has had this year. I think the Bengals improve to 6-2 on the year this week.

Prediction: Bengals OVER Titans

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are still playing for Al Davis. They have more heart and more determination than the Broncos will ever had (especially with Tim Tebow at the helm).

Prediction: Raiders OVER Broncos

New York Giants @ New England Patriots

Ah, my Game of the Week. My beloved Giants against those nasty Pats. A rematch of Super Bowl 42, which ended in a Giants victory. But I guess none of that matters now, because that was then and this is now. I’m sorry to say, but I have to go against my G-Men in this one because 1) The Pats are the home team, 2) its Tom Brady, and 3) read No. 2 again please.

Prediction: Patriots OVER Giants

Green Bay Packers @ San Diego Chargers

As proven by last week’s MNF game, the Chargers suck. They haven’t beaten anybody respectable this year, while the Packers have beaten EVERY team they’ve faced so far. I think the Packers make it win No. 8 on the year this week.

Prediction: Packers OVER Chargers

St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals

The Rams showed some life last week against the Saints. Arizona hasn’t shown any life all year, except for Pat Pet’s punt returns for TD’s. Well, they did almost beat Baltimore last week, but almost doesn’t count in football.

Prediction: Rams OVER Cardinals


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  1. Solid run down of this week’s games and I’m looking forward to the Giants/Pats game. It s a good test for the G-men, but hard to imagine them pulling out the win on the road. Enjoy the games.


  2. Great post! Like most of your picks, but I gotta go with Broncos OVER Raiders and Cowboys OVER Seahawks, I will publish mine tomorrow great job.

  3. Can’t wait to see how Palmer does this weekend! My Raiders should win, and the real question of the weeks should be if Tebow jumps into the black hole does he come out still a virgin?

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