NBA Lockout Update

The NBA Lockout isn’t looking good at all from any perspective. The owners reportedly offered the players 51% of basketball-related income. The players have until Wednesday to take it. David Stern said if they decline the 51%, the owners will drop down to 47% for their next offer, which puts a lot of pressure and stress on the players. Also, I’ve heard the players are starting to disband because some have different views than others i.e. some just want to play and don’t care about the BRI, while others couldn’t care less about the season, they would rather wait for a better offer. The problem with the latter is: I don’t think they’ll get a better offer. The fans would rather see a deal done now so they can salvage the season, but I don’t think the players are thinking about the fans at this point. They’re too busy worrying about exactly how many millions of $ they’ll make next year…

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  1. It’s getting depressing, because it doesn’t sound like the players are going to take that offer. It also doesn’t sound like it’s really 51% either!;_ylt=AvcICt36uY5qcWLH6umsBi.8vLYF?slug=mc-spears_baron_davis_nba_lockout_110411

  2. I PRAY FOR BASKETBALL! Great post, I miss NBA, and I can’t wait to get it back.

  3. Also, it’s a simple compromise, owners want 50%, players want 52.5%, so give em 51%, the players should accept this offer.

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