Boxing legend Joe Frazier dies at 67

Last night, Smokin’ Joe died of liver cancer. He was 67 when he passed. Frazier will always be remembered for fights including the “Fight of the Century“, the “Thrilla in Manila”, and his fights with George Foreman. I’m sad to say that I never watched him fight in the ring; if only I was born earlier I could’ve witnessed the greatness that is Joe Frazier.

It’s upseting to me that I’ve heard of Muhammad Ali as “The Greatest”, and Joe Frazier as the guy he beat. I don’t think that’s a fair assesment of Joe’s skills; for God’s sake, he was a Heavyweight Champion at one point! He also won aGold Medal at the Olympics.

My friend is a huge Muhammad Ali fan, but he still has a great amount of respect for Joe Frazier. That shows me just how much people cared about him and respected him as well.


I’m gonna go relax now, I’m too tired to write and the NBA Lockout is stuck in my mind. If you’d like to read up on it, read this.

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  1. Always sad to see the passing of someone who made history, especially at the young age of 67.

  2. The sportof professional boxing lost a superstar…the world lost a gentle soul.

  3. Very sad, and he is under appreciated for what he did for retired boxers as well. He is the reason people started caring about boxers’ health after they retire. He will be missed..

  4. Joe Fraizer is a true boxing champion that the World will never forget, RIP.

  5. RIP Joe Frazier. It’s too bad he died so young, and that he’s remembered most for the Thrilla in Manila and one of the very few matches he lost.

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