Sunday Night Football Preview: Patriots @ Jets

While the first wave of Week 10 games are rounding out, I thought I should give you guys a preview of our game tonight.

Patriots @ Jets

This game is for the lead in the AFC East(Buffalo lost to the Cowboys 44-7, so they are a game behind). The Jets are coming off that win against the Bills last week, while the Patriots lost their game last week to the G-Men. People have been ranting about how bad the Patriots defense is, and I agree with them. From what I’ve heard, they have the worst pass defense in the NFL. Their run defense is decent, but not as good as the Jets’. As usual, they will have to rely on Brady to put enough points up to keep them in the game. Against this Jets defense, Brady will need a bit of luck. The Pats also need help from their RB’s Kevin Faulk and “The Law Firm”, especially when  Brady gets them into the red zone.

On to the Jets: Mark Sanchez will need to lead the offense if they want to win. If he turns the ball over 2 or 3 times, the Pats will take advantage. However, they have a great running game with Shonn Greene and LaDanian Tomlinson which will take some pressure off of Sanchez. The Jets defense hasn’t been a Top 5 defense so far, but they’ve held their own. Darrelle Revis will (most likely) be lined up with Wes Welker. I think the Jets are a better team as a whole, and playing at home certainly doesn’t hurt at all.

Bottom line, look for the Jets to BEAT the Patriots tonight on SNF.




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