Monday Night Football Pick: Vikings @ Packers

This week’s MNF matchup pits two division rivals: the Packers and the Vikings. The Packers are 1st place (8-0) while the Vikings are in last place (2-6). Aaron Rodgers is a lock for NFL MVP this season (if he stays on track). However, it looks like the Vikings have found their franchise QB in Christian Ponder, who’s looked impressive when starting over McNabb. Simply put, GB’s offense cannot be stopped. We know they will score points. In these types of games, it’s up to their defense to make a few stops to secure the lead. If Charles Woodson or Clay Matthews could create some TO’s, that would be helpful as well.

On the other side, Christian Ponder looks to lead the Vikings to their 3rd win of the campaign. While it won’t be easy, I think they will be close to beating them. Usually, Packer/Viking games are pretty close. Adrian Peterson is a monster who will help the Vikings immensely. Besides Shiancoe, Ponder has no playmaker receivers to throw to. Maybe he’ll toss a ball to AP goin’ in the flat?

Think about this: the Packers have won 14 of their last 15 games.

Plus, they’re home.

I’ve got the Packers OVER the Vikings in this one, but I could be wrong.





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  1. This one should be a blowout, but I’m hoping for a close one for entertainment purposes…

  2. Ponder will do better than people give him credit for. Just look at the last game vs the Packers..He held his own in that one.

    Nice Post!

  3. This won’t even be a contest! Packers 42, Vikings 13. Rodgers and Jennings crush.

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