TNF Pick: Jets @ Broncos

This week’s Thursday Night matchup pits the Denver Broncos at home against the Jets. In my previous post about Tim Tebow, I noted that he’s 3-1 as the Broncos’ starter. Denver is still in the AFC West race.  Their running game has averaged 150+ rushing yards in their last 4 games. Tim Tebow is a very unorthodox QB, which will make it hard for the Jets to defend him.

On the other side, the Jets lost to the Pats last week. They look very un-organized and can’t get it going on either side of the ball, mostly defense.

My mind is not in it right now, so I apologize for the unrelated sentences.

Anyway, my pick is Broncos OVER Jets. I picked ’em because I think Tebow will lead the Broncos to an upset. Also, I bet $1 on them with a friend of mine. Finally, the Jets have only 3 days rest between Sunday’s game and now.




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  1. Totally agree! Go Tebow!

  2. Wow … they played last night? On kidding … it’s Friday morning and I didn’t know .. nor have I heard a score. But hey .. just readying myself for the Regis’ Last Day Party. Have a good weekend.

    BTW – I think the Bengals have beaten the Ravens 3 of the last 4 meetings. I don’t advise it this weekend.

  3. Looks like we both picked it right!

  4. Nice pick little man, and yes that Tim Tebow train keep rolling, woot woot woot! lol

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