My first post in a while

Alright guys, I’m back in action. After taking a break from blogging, I’ve decided to come back. My previous problem was that I posted too many times, and my writing suffered as a result. In addition, I had a lot of stress as a result of posting every day. That’s why I’ve decided to space out my writing a bit more this time around. I hope my writing will be much better because of it. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to get back on the old grind again!

Just wondering, how many of you ended up on my old blog page

About footballnutz17

Hello! I'm just a guy who loves to write about sports. E-Mail me or comment on my blog to chat with me.

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  1. So glad that you are back Steve! I look forward to reading your new blog!!!

  2. Happy New Year .. and I obviously found the new location.

  3. Welcome back!! Where can we find you now? Steve’s Sports corner or Sports guru?

    And Happy New Year to you…

  4. Welcome back. Believe me, I understand what you were going through. Hope the knee’s better. Hey look at my comment on your About page, it’s kind of urgent. If you’re interested.

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