Yesterday, Tim Tebow was (twice) traded to the New York Jets. After he was dealt the first time, ESPN reported that there was a complication in the trade. So, they nullified it. It was later announced that the Jaguars were discussing Tebow with the Jets. It seemed as though the Jaguars were really looking to get him, considering Florida is where he went to college. Plus, the fans there love him. But, there was a catch to these discussions. Both teams allowed Tebow to pick where he wanted to play football.

So, he chose to take his talents to New York. Is that a good thing for the Jets? I think so, considering he’s not costing you that much money. In addition, you didn’t give away much to get him (2 low-end draft picks). If Sanchez begins to struggle (we know he will), then you can bring in the *proven* winner, Timmy Tebow.

I feel bad for those people who just bought a Tebow jersey last year…

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  1. I think this is a bad move. Since he will be backing up Mark Sanchez, all he brings is drama and pressure on Sanchez. Jacksonville would have been a much better fit because he would most likely start.

  2. Sam is right on the money! Sanchez’s days as a Jet are numbered once the crowds start chanting for Timsanity. The Jags were a much better fit, But don’t you find it amazing that only around 10% of the league even had an interest in Tebow?

  3. I am with the 90%. He may become a proficient backup. In reality, I think he will end up cut and playing in Canada. His style is CFL perfect.

  4. Steve? I think your email has been hacked. Change your password!!

  5. Actually, Tim also grew up in Jacksonville. Tebow would have fit perfectly for the Jags, his brother in-law also used to played for Jags.

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