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  1. footballnutz17

    Thanks uwfootball, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to view my new blog..

    Thank you

  2. good blog, kinda sucks you took my theme after viewing my blog tho LOL, i gotta update to custom CSS so i can be unique. I enjoy the stories keep up the good work. Look forward to ur blog after game 1.

    • footballnutz17

      yea I did kinda take the theme….If it would make u better I can change up my colors to black/blue…ur choice

      Thanks for the feedback man, I’ll be sure to check in on your blog sometime tommrow or tonight

  3. Great work keep it up!

    • footballnutz17

      ahh thanks man.. appreciate that

      sorry I’m doing an English project that will take me the whole day so I won’t be able to look at your stuff today..

      Maybe later around 5 or 6 o’clock

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